Interview with the man of the week, Rob Verdia, Head of Products at Nexiux Solutions

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Following their latest announcement about partnering with leading sportsbook solution provider Altenar, we sat down with Rob Verdia, Head of Products at Nexiux Solutions, to hear more about the partnership and of course their awesome products.

The global online gambling industry has its fair share of platform providers. What does Nexiux Solutions bring to the table?

It does indeed, but that has never deterred us from our mission to provide operators with access to the best platform, products and services in the market via our modular, cutting-edge Player and iGaming Platform. It is a one-stop shop for operators, allowing them to launch compelling online casino and sportsbook experiences to players in regulated markets around the world. They can also take advantage of additional products and services for compliance, CRM, player management, payments, customer support and more, providing them with everything they need to run competitive online casino and sportsbook brands. Despite having only made our debut in 2018, we have already signed some of the biggest names in the business including Stake, FUN88, SBOTOP and


What makes Nexiux Solutions and its Player and iGaming Platform stand out from others in the market?

Nexiux Solutions is an innovative, agile and dynamic company that has put state-of-the-art technologies such as artificial intelligence and automation at the core of its Player and iGaming Platform. We have also made it modular, so we can bolt on additional products from leading third parties. This allows for multiple integrations for sportsbook, casino, payment and fraud solutions with minimal lead times and reduced overhead costs. Other highlights include a unique billing module, high levels of automation, a data-focused player experience engine and unlimited content integrations and aggregation. This comes together in a secure, compliant solution that operators can use with confidence to offer their players a superior experience at all times. As you said, there is a fair share of providers serving the industry, but not all platforms are created equal and the Nexiux Player and iGaming Platform sets the standard for others to follow.


Can you tell us more about your recent partnership with Altenar?

Of course. We recently strengthened our sportsbook offering by entering a strategic partnership with Altenar. This means we can now offer a fully managed sportsbook solution via Altenar, whose software delivers the stability of an established product but with modern features such as a wide range of sports content sourced from multiple data partners. It also includes risk management, trading and 24/7 customer support, allowing our operator partners to deliver the best sports betting experience across both desktop and mobile. The provider also holds certifications in prestigious markets such as the UK, Malta, Romania and Ontario, allowing us to help our partners launch in these jurisdictions for the first time or strengthen their position if already live.


In addition to casino and sports, esports betting is also part of your product offering. Is this now a must for operators looking to engage the next generation of bettors?

The rise of esports and esports betting has been meteoric, and its steep upward growth trajectory looks set to remain on course for many years to come. Esports betting not only allows operators to engage the next generation of players/bettors but provide existing customers with new betting experiences and opportunities. It can also act as a key differentiator for brands looking to get the edge on the competition. Of course, once an esports bettor engages with their brand, there are plenty of opportunities to cross-sell that player to other verticals such as traditional sports betting and casino, especially if the operator stocks games designed to appeal to this customer demographic and in particular crash games.


Just how important is the platform when it comes to operators being able to differentiate?

It is vital. The platform is the foundation of the sportsbook and/or casino and delivering an engaging, seamless and entertaining experience is the difference between success and failure. This is not just regarding the games stocked in the lobby, or offering personalised bonuses, but more fundamental things like customer onboarding, payments and platform stability. Big bonuses may initially draw players to a brand, but they don’t keep them playing there for long. In order to boost acquisition and retention, operators must provide the absolute best experience to their players. Again, this is why the Nexiux Player and iGaming Platform is modular, allowing us to quickly and easily integrate products, services and solutions from expert suppliers. Ultimately, this is what allows our operator partners to stand out from their rivals.


Where is the industry heading in the next 12 months and what are the key challenges operators will face?

I think it is clear that the industry will continue to regulate and consolidate, and this provides both challenges and opportunities for operators. Compliance is now a key focus and to be compliant operators need to power their brands with the latest technologies that are agile and nimble; this is the only way to keep up with different requirements in different markets. They need to be compliant while also ensuring players have a reason to engage with the brand over others in the market. This is a big ask considering the sheer number of casinos and sportsbooks for players to choose from. Of course, those that meet and overcome these hurdles will rise to the top and capitalise on the tremendous opportunities available in jurisdictions around the world, and here at Nexiux Solutions, we look forward to helping many leverage the power of our Player and iGaming Platform to do just that.

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