Japanese Culture and Gambling – Why Is It So Popular in Japan?

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Japan is considered the mother of modern gambling although the authorities have banned gambling for years. The Japanese have a strong passion and attraction to gambling games like Pachinko, a slot game that has always been allowed. Today, such online casinos as https://luckychika.jp are on the rise of popularity.

If you are wondering what influenced the Japanese interest in the gambling industry and what was the beginning of such a culture, read below!

History of the Gambling Industry in Japan

According to history, Japan has always been distinguished by its prudence in setting the framework for gambling. Back in ancient Japan, when the laws were especially strict, the authorities made a curious exception for prohibited entertainment. This affected the gambling games popular in those days – Shogi and Go. They became the pioneers of modern gambling and people still play in them.

The first gambling was recorded in the 7th century when Emperor Temmu played in Sugoroku. By the end of the 8th century, gambling had become incredibly popular, despite many bans. Betting on horse racing has been a very popular industry.

The Most Popular Games among Japanese

Despite many bans, Japan’s gambling culture has evolved slowly, but surely. The Japanese have three favourite and popular games that everyone loves.


The pachinko machine is a wooden panel with a large number of pins and a device for launching metal balls that are driven around the panel. To play pachinko, no special skill is required, so it can be easily played even by those who have entered the game room for the first time. The player buys balls or tokens and plays. If the player wins the bonus, he is given additional balls. The goal of this gambling game is to win as many balls or tokens as possible.

However it could be dangerously addictive to play pachinko. Read here a story about pachinko addiction https://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/13796207

Sports Betting

The betting industry has many fans and it is approved by the government to place bets. Thus, betting on horse racing (Keiba) has always been popular in Japan. Japanese Racing Association holds horse betting competitions every week. Other popular sports events are boat racing (Kyotei), bicycle racing (Keirin), and auto racing.


It is a lottery game that is also allowed and can be easily found anywhere in Japan. There are three types of Takarakuji: regular lottery, lottery with multiple numbers, and Jumbo Takarakuji.

Nowadays. Online Gambling

Today, the gambling industry is developing very actively, especially online gaming. This was influenced by many factors, for example, quarantine, bans, or a simple desire to play right from home.

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As you can see, gambling is an integral part of Japanese culture. The people attraction for this industry has been built for centuries, which continues today.

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