Klarpay AG Launches USD-Denominated Visa Debit Cards


In response to the strong demand for USD-denominated cards, Klarpay has recognised the growing need among advertising affiliates and media buyers who extensively utilise Google Ads or Facebook for their advertising campaigns. This increasing trend can be attributed to various factors, including the prevalence of ad campaigns being denominated in USD. By empowering Klarpay clients with USD-denominated Visa debit cards, the company aims to meet their specific requirements and enhance their overall financial experience.

The introduction of USD-denominated Visa debit cards presents a significant advantage for Klarpay clients. Previously, when using their local currency for transactions with popular U.S.-based companies, clients incurred FX costs, leading to additional expenses. However, with this new feature, Klarpay clients can seamlessly spend USD with these renowned companies without the hassle of currency conversion fees, optimising their financial operations and boosting their transactions.

As Martynas Bieliauskas, Klarpay CEO, stated, “Klarpay remains committed to offering innovative solutions that streamline financial processes for its global clientele. The introduction of USD-denominated Visa debit cards marks another milestone in our mission to empower businesses and individuals with best-in-class solutions for managing and scaling their online businesses.”

For more information about Klarpay’s USD-denominated Visa debit cards or to sign up for an account, please fill in the form here.

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