LendingArch Expands Footprint Further into the United States, Helps Americans Lower Their Credit Card Debt


Successful Canadian based FinTech LendingArch, today announced its further expansion into the United States, by expanding its Consumer Debt Division Nationwide throughout all 50 states. LendingArch’s Consumer Debt Division is focused in on helping Americans lower or eliminate their Credit Card Debt to manageable levels, so that Americans can continue to “balance the books” within their own households, and not worry about the burden and pressure of being overloaded with debt.

“We are dedicated to the Consumer Debt Space in the United States, and are actively expanding our partner base, with debt consolidation firms, credit counselling partnerships and debt settlement firms signing up in partnership with us, to help aid the clients we bring forward to them through our platform.” Says Paul Hadzoglou, the company’s President. “We are able to help any American with over $10,000 in Credit Card Debt attain a more manageable debt level in order to re-balance their expenses and lower the stress of being in heavy debt”. Says Mr. Hadzoglou.

According to recent studies, Americans have a total of $415 Billion in Credit Card debt, and with the current pandemic, many out of work Americans have had to rely on their credit cards to extend basic living expenses while they find work or obtain government assistance. In fact, according to a recent survey of those who say their household financial situation has gotten worse since the pandemic began, 45% say they have taken on debt because of the pandemic, and 42% say their household financial situation has gotten worse directly because of it, the survey found.

LendingArch’s blistering expansion into the USA marketplace marks 6 years of successful business in Canada and provides a robust online financial and lending platform that Americans will be able to browse, gain education from and utilize to compare financial rates for various loan categories. LendingArch is currently one of the largest destinations for rate comparison in Canada and furthermore was recently named the 17th Fastest Growing Company in Canada by Report on Business TV and the Globe & Mail’s Top Growing Companies.

“In addition to helping Americans with their Credit Card debt, we will be offering many financial products that Americans will be needing to get through the pandemic and its aftermath. Products like personal loans, Insurance, low interest credit cards, auto-loan refinancing or even credit management advice will all be in high demand and will be available through our platform” Says Paul.

As a digital provider, the platform is also helping Americans maintain social distancing. Americans will be able to use LendingArch’s contact-free service to apply for loans or debt relief services without leaving the comfort and safety of their homes, allowing consumers to obtain what they need, without having to step foot in a bank, office building, storefront, loan shop or similar, and all loans or services that you apply for through LendingArch will be processed digitally.

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