Longtu Korea’s Subsidiary Company Tigon Mobile, Yulgang Global, begins global pre-registration… Reveals Tigon Token (TIG)


Longtu Korea’s subsidiary Tigon Mobile has announced on the 7th that they started global pre-registration for its new P2E game, Yulgang Global.

Yulgang Global is a Wemix-based P2E game by utilizing Tigon Mobile’s main IP (Intellectual Property rights). Released in 2017, Yulgang Global for Kakao retained a solid player base by ranking 3rd in Google Play sales and 1st in One Store sales right after the release.

In addition, Yulgang Global is Korea’s representative martial arts manga and its IP has been a popular series for 28 years, and holds records exceeding 6 million copies of global martial arts books, 7 million paid digital downloads, and 1 billion paid subscriptions.

Yulgang Global is onboarding to the Wemix platform to be serviced. The industry is paying attention to what kind of synergy will be shown by Wemix, which runs services across the blockchain and Yulgang IP, which is well-known to overseas users.

Yulgang Global applied Tigon Token (TIG), a utility token based on the Wemix platform and P2E currency crystal. Players can earn crystals through various contents and exchange them for Tigon tokens (TIG).

Additionally, Longtu Korea’s subsidiary company Tigon Mobile is proceeding a Tigon token airdrop event before the launch to commemorate their pre-registration. 10 Tigon Tokens (TIG) will be awarded through a raffle to players who have completed pre-registration emails and certified Wemix Wallet. Maximum 100 Tigon Tokens (TIG) will be given to players who have shared a friend invitation link by the order of application, and 10 Tigon Tokens (TIG) through a community event.

Yulgang Global is scheduled for global release except for Korea, ChinaVietnam and Singapore.

However, you can check the pre-registration page of Yulgang Global through Longtu Korea website.

*Yulgang Global Pre-Registration (https://bit.ly/3K6dEfy)

SOURCE Tigon Mobile

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