MyChargeBack Launches its New Dispute Resolution Website in Scandinavia


MyChargeBack, the international financial services firm specializing in the resolution of complex card-not-present transaction disputes, today announced the launch of its new Scandinavian website,

Pengeretur is intended to be a one-stop shop for Scandinavian consumers, providing insights into their rights and protections, rules and regulations governing chargebacks and other educational resources.

What makes Pengeretur unique is its algorithm-powered evaluation tool, which enables consumers to determine if their disputes meet the criteria for a chargeback that are established by the credit card networks. The free tool is designed to cover a wide spectrum of transactions – from e-commerce transactions to investments – to enable consumers resolve their disputes quickly and efficiently.

“COVID changed the global payments landscape, and greatly increased the number of card-not-present online transaction,” notes Judith Dayan Persson, MyChargeBack’s Vice President of European Operations and Business Development, who is based in Copenhagen. “And that is a challenge, since our research indicates that one out of every six Scandinavian consumers is unaware that funds lost using a credit or debit card can be recovered through a chargeback,” she adds. “Consumers can now learn if their dispute qualifies under chargeback guidelines in less than 90 seconds!”

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