PocketBuff Launches on Arbitrum Nova to Set Sail for Prime Quality GameFi Projects


According to official sources, PocketBuff has integrated with Arbitrum Nova, a leading L2 scaling chain, to provide users with a better gaming experience and expedite the growth of the GameFi industry.

What is Arbitrum Nova?

Arbitrum Nova is a leading Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution developed by Offchain Labs. An AnyTrust solution, Arbitrum Nova is ideal for gaming, metaverse and SocialFi projects, enabling instant confirmation and <$0.01 transactions with minimal trust assumptions.

What is PocketBuff?

PocketBuff is a global GameFi Metaverse platform that offers one-stop blockchain integration services. It was founded by the core members from Longtu subsidiaries and Longtu Korea, a KOSDAQ-listed company.

The PocketBuff team has solid R&D capabilities in the global GameFi sector, with an ample reserve of stirring AAA titles secured. Longtu Korea’s signature projects Sword and Magic World and Yulgang Mobile have gained over 10 million fans worldwide upon release. PocketBuff will soon join hands with top-tier game developers for financing, R&D, and publishing via its one-stop GameFi haven while building a global game distribution network with extensive publishing resources and an enormous user base to connect the Web2 and Web3 realms.

Sword and Magic World will be launched exclusively on Arbitrum Nova. As a world-leading MMORPG mobile game featuring flexible combat, the game has already acquired 15 million users in total and a DAU peak of over one million users. Upon official launch, it made it to the top of paid app charts and has remained a top 10 seller for a very long time.

With western fantasy and mythology as its background, the game also integrates elements of the East to build a grand worldview encompassing the main world, the world of gods, and the world of demons. Players will play as elite adventurers, embark on an adventure to conquer gods and demons with friends, and write their own legends of glory and romance.

The game uses real-time light and shadow technology to optimize object and texture rendering with a “full-time scene system,” portraying a realistic, dynamic, and stunning world of magic. The system supports 360° panoramic 3D free rotation, with innovative smart view correction features to provide players with the optimal visual experience. The real-time interactive system allows all players to freely trade and join the adventures via the game platform. With realistic 3D scenes, 360° free rotation, and real-time combat gameplay, it puts together a blood-pumping PvP experience for all mobile gamers!

According to PocketBuff, Arbitrum Nova offers several advantages such as its ultra-low gas fees, high-speed transactions confirmed in milliseconds, and scalable technology. PocketBuff believes in the future of L2 and Arbitrum GameFi. As an important blockchain ecosystem of the Metaverse era, Arbitrum is a great fit for large-scale application deployments such as GameFi, SocialFi, and Metaverse. PocketBuff hopes to attract more and better games and applications into the Metaverse era by building stronger ties with Arbitrum.

David Bolger, Gaming at Offchain Labs said: World. The game has leveraged blockchain technology to improve the gaming experience and will continue to build upon that success with the benefits offered by Arbitrum Nova.”We’re very excited that PocketBuff is choosing Arbitrum technology to scale Sword and Magic. 

PocketBuff is committed to helping tens of thousands of game developers around the world join the Web3 world more efficiently, creating a brand new landscape for free-to-play, play-to-earn, and play-to-own gaming. Its well-designed tokenomic system allows for great game asset liquidity, smooth asset exchange, and effective user empowerment. This will provide all players with an extraordinary gaming experience and better economic value. Moreover, PocketBuff will work closely with top public chains, GameFi project developers, international KOLs, well-known IP owners, and various game guilds to push for prime-quality products for the entire industry.

SOURCE Longtukorea

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