Q&A with Domenico Mazzola, Director of Sales at FLOWS

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Can you tell us more about your new role as Director of Sales at Flows?
I’m excited to have the chance to help Flows achieve greater expansion by leading all the sales within the company.

How will you leverage your experience to drive growth at Flows?
I’ve worked in Sales for the last eight years of my career, largely in start-up companies that are now well recognized and established in our industry. I plan to replicate that success by building solid fundamentals to help the company grow stronger and stronger. Flows will become a key player in the industry, and we expect to build a big customer base, so I need to ensure that we have the proper structure and processes in place to achieve this goal.

What key challenges will you face in the role and how will you overcome them?
Being a Sales professional with a software development background gives me a great advantage when selling cutting-edge technological solutions like Flows. My main challenge will be to help the market understand Flows’ potential, and I’m thinking about a couple of different ways to achieve that.

One of them will probably be an extension of our video content strategy, releasing additional tutorials and educational content. Visiting key expos and showcasing our product will be crucial as well.

Where do you see the biggest opportunity for Flows within the industry?
The first time I saw the product, I was amazed by its potential. Flows is a product that can make every industry stakeholder’s life more productive and can create previously unimaginable opportunities. From Tier 1 operators to newcomers, and from slots producers to sportsbook suppliers, there are plenty of different use-cases that can be applied across the industry.

Is the industry doing enough to innovate compared to other sectors? How does Flows help with this?
One of the things I like about our industry is the constant search for innovation. Innovation is challenging, but it is the fuel every sector needs to move forward and evolve. Flows is one of the companies that will lead this evolution, allowing companies to evolve and change faster.

What can we expect from Flows over the next six months?
I have personally set a very high bar for Flows in the coming months. My plan is clear, and more PRs with new partnerships will follow soon.

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