Shanghai Yicheng Culture acquires (EGOC) Energy 1 Corp. in U.S. to accelerate its vision to establish an international expansion platform


As a global innovative technology service corporation, Shanghai Yicheng Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Shanghai Yicheng Culture) announced the acquisition of (EGOC) Energy 1 Corp., headquartered in Nevada, USA, stock code: EGOC to which, (EGOC) Energy 1 Corp. has agreed to dispose of, while Shanghai Yicheng Culture Co., Ltd. agreed to acquire the controlling equity interest in the target company. Pursuant to the Sale and Purchase Agreement, Shanghai Yicheng Culture proposes to acquire and EGOC intends to sell all the controlling equity interest in the target company (or its holding company).

The acquirer – Shanghai Yicheng Culture Communication, is committed to building a global innovative advanced technology service platform with the integration of industrialized operations; smart e-commerce retail; innovative medical and health management; film, television and media; applications of blockchain technology; cultural and educational services. Looking ahead, ecosystem integration will be the development direction, in which worldwide high-end services as core business, by providing innovative technologies services with big data, so as to pave the way for global diversified development.

“Smart e-commerce retail”, “innovative healthcare” and “innovative applications of big data” are the three main pillars of Shanghai Yicheng Culture. With the smart e-commerce retail, self-operated online shopping mall has established. Through stringent control on the eligibility of the supply chain manufacturers, together with the adoption of an innovative F to C model, more discount and high-quality “beauty & health” products are expected to be delivered directly from manufacturers to corporate clients. This does not only help more clients to save cost, but also facilitate more innovative brands to set up their own sale channels, eventually achieving the dream of having more national brands. As for the innovative healthcare, which highly integrated the online and offline services, is expected to have considerable growth in value. Through technology, the importance of health and wellness will be deeply rooted to the people’s hearts, hence, realizing an upgraded global strategic of health and ecological services.

The acquirer and acquiree of this acquisition are organizations that strive to serve customers with innovative technologies, in order to make services more accessible and better. Upon the completion of the acquisition, both parties will work together towards carrying out new market strategies and exploring global market, so as to bring positive impact by maximizing the potential of all provides and clients. Shanghai Yicheng Culture and (EGOC) Energy 1 Corp. are committed to strive for ideals, and will continue to excel by promoting diversity, equality and inclusiveness, and providing free and paid service & products for all.

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