TAB App: Crypto Ecosystem for E-commerce, Wallet Services, Crypto Exchange, Social Networking (TAB Digital)


Launched by TABANK Holding, the TAB App mobile is a brand-new crypto-economic system that easily creates a shop or business account and introduces their servicesproducts, meets all the Peer and Peer payments requirements, crypto exchanges investment answers, and related digital transactions.

TAB App mobile is the all-in-one crypto ecosystem that includes: e-commerce services, products, tab real estate, tab travel, tab NFT digital art, social networks, crypto exchanges, and crypto-wallets.

Financial & Social Networking by TAB App

TAB App gives several crucial solutions based on the currency and financial sector, including enlarged economic goodies with stability and certainty of returns. Furthermore, the platform bestows virtual and crypto digital pouch goodies too. Individuals can make savings, connect with suppliers and clients, and interact with the electronic wallet to exchange and transfer funds to other individuals or agents. Additionally, the platform offers an opportunity for people to network and make friends, date, and find employment opportunities.

The App wouldn’t have offered such diverse services and products if its security wasn’t intact. Therefore, if safety is one’s concern, be assured, the App uses a maximized degree of protection to ensure safe investments and client deposits. It’s the reputable security blockchain software that has powered this feature.

Why use TAB Mobile App?


There are many Social Media apps like Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Tinder, Match Group Inc., Linkedin, Binance, Trust Wallet, Clubhouse Media Group, inc. But no app can connect all the people in one. TAB Mobile changed the world. It can connect people by new technology, which is faster, cheaper and safe.


The world needs the mobile application to have all the functions: e-commerce platforms, social networks, exchanges, and e-wallets where users can buy and sell, payment online with crypto, make friends, dating, find jobs, borrowing, exchanging cryptocurrencies, and storing và cryptocurrencies. TAB mobile will have all functions in one like that.

There are three main reasons to use TAB mobile app.

  • The only app integrated all the crypto ecosystem need: e-commerce(products, services, and NFT digital art asset), social network, exchanges, wallet.
  • Payment online with TAB token (trc21, tomochain): fastest and cheapest fee. TAB token used as a payment method and bonus, for each member’s actions such as buy, sell, order, comment, post-bonus points are awarded to members, members can buy and sell bonus token to TAB and Tab to tokens, the token use for purchasing advertising post, banner or product
  • Investment platform (lending p2p): Users can make money by lending peer-to-peer with smart contracts. People with free money can lend to others at reasonable interest rates and make consistent profits.

Our Vision

Total supply only have 36 million tokens, which is scarce, so those who own TAB will receive special incentives in the application: priority to post products, articles, pay priority for advertising, and when holding TAB for as long as possible, they will be intelligent investors when the TAB increases in price.

Unlike other platforms, TABANK hate to accept standards that are lower than the client’s expectations. Particularly during the times of Covid-19 facing economic depression, whereby every small and big investor is working hard to earn their part, TAB mobile App has opened doors to investors to increase gains. With an objective and goal of linking with over 100 million customers with various financial and banking services under both offline and online models, it will live up to all the standards.

Customers to TAB App aren’t only going to be individuals with financial needs but also those who actively and passionately want to invest. These individuals will be from different sectors like e-commerce, tourism, hospitality, and real estate sectors. Additionally, the global banking platform will also incorporate other personnel from the media, entertainment, and utility categories. So, this means, no matter the profession one holds, TAB App has got it covered.

TABANK’s vision behind the Mobile App is to make banking, social networking, transacting (in all kinds of currencies), investing and any other operation related to e-commerce, handy to users. It understands one’s everyday hassles of switching to different apps. So, this app is to help one cut all those unnecessary bothers and bring the finance and networking-related processes under the same roof.

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