3-time MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo launches the X-Fuera NFTs with MADworld and Animoca Brands


MADworld and Animoca Brands proudly announce a partnership with Jorge Lorenzo, the 3-time MotoGP™ World Champion, to venture together into the metaverse. This collaboration consists of multiple NFT (non-fungible tokens) drops, and will lead up to MADworld’s upcoming play-to-earn (P2E) game experience, which ports all MADworld P2E NFT projects into a common racing ecosystem. The campaign will include exciting giveaways, never-seen-before utility, and some incredible real and digital world experiences with Jorge himself.

Lorenzo is considered one of the most skilful and adventurous riders of this century. X-Fuera or ‘Por Fuera’ meaning ‘Around the Outside’ is the nickname of Lorenzo, earned after making the famous move during a race in 2003. The 3-time MotoGP World Champion taps into the metaverse environment by sharing memorabilia accessible to the public in an exclusive digital experience tied to a physical event.

“I’m super excited to be collaborating with MADworld and Animoca Brands in providing new, exclusive experiences to my global fans. I can now engage with them in a whole new way never seen before and the opportunities awaiting are endless,” Jorge Lorenzo said. “I have worked all my life to become a motorcycling champion and I am still closely linked to the world of competition. This year I will make my debut as a MotoGP commentator, which is a new challenge for me. I want to continue to inspire my followers and let them know that I continue to take on new challenges and try to improve myself every day. I’m going to bring on a show to make our NFTs very valuable and in demand.”

“We are delighted to have him in joining us for this fascinating collaboration,” Robert Tran, CEO of MADworld added. “Our vision is to make sure that athletes can share this Web3 experience with their fans, whilst leveraging some amazing artists through MADworld’s vast array of digital talent. Traditionally, athletes’ participation in live events are bounded geographically. We want to increase their reach so they can extend this relationship in the Web3 world.”

The MADworld and Lorenzo pairing represents an exciting and important step for MADworld’s growing offering. Arnold Concepcion, the chief of operations at Animoca Brands, commented: “By enabling NFT artists to work with renowned individuals such as Jorge Lorenzo, we are able to explore the breadth of MADworld’s capabilities and can expand beyond simply defending the artist, instead promoting them to the global stage of NFT dominance. It will be an exciting collaboration to explore sports opportunities in the metaverse.”

The X-Fuera, gearing up for the race of a lifetime

The X-Fuera, a collection of Lorenzo-styled and themed avatars, will be launching Jorge Lorenzo into the metaverse, offering 9,999 X-Fuera riders and 9,999 superbikes ready for MADworld’s growing ecosystem. Owners can fuse a Rider and a SuperBike together by collecting one of the MADserums in drop 2.5 and unlock the playable characters and earn UMAD.

The utility doesn’t stop there with amazing real world experiences involving Jorge Lorenzo himself, memorabilia giveaways, virtual events and much much more. MADworld will bridge the Jorge Lorenzo campaign into its much larger family consisting of many other brands such as BAPE, B.Duck and others.

Key Drop:
Drop 1 – 9,999 X-Fuera Riders
Drop 2 – 9,999 X-Fuera Super Bikes
Drop 2.5 – NEW! MADserums
Drop 3 – MADworld Proprietary Physical to Digital – Genuine Jorge Lorenzo mini helmets paired with MADworld NFTs

The X-Fuera campaign is set to be full of adrenaline, MADreturns, amazing original content and much more. Stay tuned for X-Fuera going live soon.

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