Akia Partners with Veriff to Provide Fast and Secure Customer Experiences


Veriff, a global identity verification provider, today announced a partnership with the guest messaging platform Akia. By partnering with Veriff, Akia can take the safety and security of property owners to a new level through verifying guests’ identities within seconds while offering a seamless customer experience.

Akia’s platform specializes in offering thoughtful guest experiences through automating the entire communication lifecycle. It is easy to use and property owners are able to build guest journeys without the need for developers and designers, making it a viable solution for property owners of any size. While Akia works like a powerful app for owners, automated communications are sent through a text, ensuring guests aren’t bothered by the hassle of another app download.

“By integrating with Veriff, we’re enabling hosts to automate peace of mind. Hoteliers and hosts are searching for ways to improve operational flow and create an outstanding experience while maintaining confidence in the security of their guests and properties,” said Ryan Kanoknukulchai, Akia Chief Operating Officer. “While Akia digitizes the guest journeys and workflows, Veriff secures the check-in process and escalates bad actors by flagging suspicious guests.”

Veriff’s AI-powered identity verification solution provides fast conversions of customers, as well as identity fraud prevention. With Veriff, owners are provided with the knowledge that they are renting to verified visitors and not scam artists or identity thieves. Veriff enables users to take a selfie and snap a photo of an ID for identity verification in seconds, making their solution not only essential to hosts and property owners, but also easy to use for customers, aligning with Akia’s mission of creating memorable guest experiences.

“This partnership with Akia opens up an exciting new market for Veriff. Expanding into the hospitality space is an approach that makes Veriff incredibly tangible. Hosts invite guests into their space,  and – regardless of its size – it’s important to ensure safety and security. This begins with the first online guest interaction, and with Veriff, hosts can ensure their guests are who they say they are,” said Manuel Solis III, Head of Global Partnerships & Alliances at Veriff. “It’s an incredible honor to provide this service to the hospitality community, and reinforces our  mission of being a force for good.”

Recently Veriff launched their new R.E.V. Partner Program (Revenue Expansion with Veriff) to provide a clear path to support Veriff’s growing ecosystem of partners. The program is designed to support partners in sales and marketing along with providing partners with Veriff’s premium IDV platform to help meet the demands of end customers desiring to combat identity theft and fraud. The program can be tailored to meet the needs of a specific partner type based on their own business, offering flexibility to support the partner as their business scales.