Utopia Avatars launches its genesis collection innovating and disrupting notions of access and utility using web-3 Technology


The Group founded by Alejandro SaezMaria Bravo and Javier Garcia together with their advisory board Randi Zuckerberg, Pepe Bastón, Deepak ChopraEva Longoria, Faze Banks, Desiree Ansari & Maha Abouelenein, have announced the launch of its first collection of NFTs, or Utility Based Tokens (UBT) as they called it; Utopia Avatars. The collection offers through this vertical a very complete proposal based on tangible utilities, metaverse, community treasury linked to IRL (In Real Life) businesses, artists providing utilities that bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds and a clear vision of giving back as a way of growing.

Utopia Avatars will have 9,922 NFTs minted on the Ethereum blockchain and designed by hand from an incredible 3D design team transmitting the values of diversity and inclusion through the Utopians, their citizens. In addition, it will provide added value to the holders who, through acquiring these avatars, will have access to multiple utilities beyond the art. It is worth highlighting the tangibility of many of them in real life and the day-to-day of those who possess them and therefore enjoy them. Utopia Avatars’ value proposition focuses on offering its holders an experience or utilities based on physical and digital spaces on a product that builds with the community and for the long term.

Collaboration with leading artists in Europe and the U.S.

One of the great novelties of this collection is the exclusive stamp provided by two of the artists of the moment on a select number of avatars. The best-selling contemporary French artist of the world, Richard Orlinski, and Ganga Tattoo, one of the most famous tattoo artists nowadays, considered a genius for the realism of his sophisticated tattoos and known for tattooing celebrities such as Lebron JamesChris Brown, Nicky Jam or Drake.

The founders of this project came together to build innovative initiatives and acquire philanthropic commitments, trusting in the power of Web3 and the blockchain to innovate and give rise to the creation of communities that make up an ethical and sustainable ecosystem. The development of this community will be based on the values of transparency, innovation, and philanthropy.

Utopia Avatars is sharing the mission and vision of Global Gift Foundation being on their side every step of the way, with the aim of becoming a game changer, turning hope into a reality and channeling its energy to achieve a sustained social impact, where the success of their business is measured not only by its results, but also by the ability to do good and as the Utopians say: Make It Possible.

María Bravo “The possibilities are endless; we hope to create one of the most powerful communities in the world where traceability and trust reign, connecting philanthropists, brands, and companies that use the power of the blockchain to create awareness in order to build a world more ethical and responsible with our partners in real life businesses, a community with a great passion for spreading kindness and compassion where it is needed most.”

Utopia Avatars will consist of a collection of 3D art tokens available to the metaverse with the vision of establishing bridges between the digital “world” and “the” physical world, which will allow offering a more complete and tangible level of utilities; in addition to lifetime features that will be revealed as the project is launched.

As Nino Saez, Co-founder of Utopia Avatars, explains ” We truly believe in doing good and empowering a space that is here to make our lives better. Web-3 is a natural evolution, and we are founding Utopia Avatars to learn, share and build together as a community. This is just the beginning, the only limit is our imagination; and all of the team forces already united together with a community about to launch and a great ecosystem with several tech awards already; can surely make our vision and mission possible.”

Having in mind that Utopia avatars project has led a financing round of more than 10 million dollars just focused on building long-term utility for its holders, this is definitely a strong and key message than being backed by a VC is a sign of long – term commitment and vision.

Another of the peculiarities of the Utopia Avatars collection is the interoperability that each of them will have the opportunity to be part of other metaverses in which the Group is involved such as the well-being area designed by Deepak Chopra, a Gaming Area, Education, Live Events, Shopping and more innovative surprises.

The first Utopia Avatars collection includes pioneer technology to enhance utilities that connect the virtual world with the digital one.

An exclusive community

The community will have direct access to community treasury and merchandising featuring special artist collaborations, as well as an annual invite to a Utopia Avatars Event IRL.

Unlimited access to metaverse “Moments and Memories”

Each holder of Utopia Avatars will obtain all the rights to have unlimited access to the metaverse, visit its different areas, make a purchase at the Utopia Store, enjoy a concert in the Live Show area, a talk in the Education area, watch a movie at their own Digital Space or play with other users in the Gaming area.

Each holder will receive their Digital Space for free through an Airdrop, which will function as the personalized repository for all the content and assets they acquire in the metaverse.

Thanks to our own technology “Moments & Memories” each and every one of the contents and experiences that come together in the metaverse will have preferential access live (Moments) and will also be stored and available to be enjoyed on demand in an unlimited way as (Memories), exclusively for holders. This technology will also allow each physical asset that the holder acquires to generate a virtual Real Digital Token (RDT) that will be available to be used in the metaverse.

Real utilities from Ganga Tattoo and Richard Orlinski

Once the reveal is done, holders who have an Orlinski variant or trait in their avatar  (2000 in total) from which 1901 will receive a Digigraphie created and signed by the artist shipped home, they will acquire the IP rights and they will have two invitations to IRL events in their galleries. A special selection of 101 holders will also receive a 19cm Red Gorilla sculpture at their houses.

In the same way, those holders who obtain one Utopia Avatar designed by Ganga Tattoo (1.020 in total)  will be able to get a free special Utopia tattoo (this utility affects the 9922 total supply), 150 of them will receive an exclusive Nomad sculpture in their homes, 20 of them will be able to access a completely free tattoo per year and only one of them will be able to access the complete No Pain Tattoo experience.

The Web-3 “NFT” community Utopiaavatars thus receives a boost that will allow them to focus their efforts on its launch this February and strongly burst into the market with a real, high-quality proposal, thinking of the user that moreover will count with an innovative and unique way to build a Web-3 project with a clear long term vision to boost its possibilities and show full confidence in the development of the technology and the communities.

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