Algorigh Capital joins NCP as WONDER 39 and invests in WEMIX for node staking


Algorith Capital, a quant hedge fund, joined the 40 WONDERS, WEMIX3.0 mainnet NCP, as WONDER 39.

Algorith Capital is the world’s leading operator that specializes in investing various assets from traditional markets to cryptocurrency through data analysis.

As a NCP, Algorith Capital will help with the global expansion of WEMIX Ecosystem and also provide necessary support such as blockchain analysis, DeFi designing and other aspects.

Algorith Capital decided to invest in 1.5M WEMIX to acquire the resources for node staking as a WEMIX3.0 validator.

The 40 WONDERS validate the transactions and blocks of the WEMIX and maintain connections of additional nodes for stable operation of the mainnet.

More information on WEMIX3.0 can be found on the official website.

SOURCE Wemade Co., Ltd