Atlantis Metaverse – The Return Of The Lost Civilization Of Atlantis


Developed by Atlantis Metaverse Pte. Ltd, Atlantis Universe Metaverse is a blockchain-based gaming metaverse in which players summon, breed and even trade Godly Species. These characters will compete in a turn-based card game. To make Atlantis a rich, colorful and diverse universe, players can request customization of their species and equipment. What’s more, the game offers land ownership as a way for players to farm, craft and create their unique NFTs. Atlantis’ gameplay prides itself in providing a variety of not only Play-4-Fun but also Play-2-Earn features.

Atlantis is more than just a fantasy-themed strategy game with a deep setting and storyline. It also aims to become a decentralized society, where users are the builders of that society. Atlantis offers players a chance to live a second life as a creature of Greek legends and myths. The big difference is that participants are not considered as players, but the creators of that world. Thanks to technologies of the 4.0 revolution, such as AI, VR, AR, and Blockchain, Atlantis can become more than just a gaming experience, it is a portal that leads you into a journey of emotional, spatial, and valuable connections.

In Atlantis, the citizens are offered 2 main types of currency: TAU and AUM which can be received through main activities and in-game tasks.

TAU is the main token in our universe, used mainly to open packages of characters, items or to pay for expensive services. To participate in the governance of the ecosystem, users can join in the Staking and Farming features with the aim of building a decentralized autonomous organization (DAOs).

AUM is a payment token, used as a medium of exchange in the Atlantis universe for the purpose of upgrading items, upgrading charactersetc. to serve the user’s gaming process.


Atlantis Metaverse happily announces that it has concluded Seed Sales and headed towards Private Sales within this week. As a customer-centric and ambitious project, the company prioritises showcasing its underlying concepts and technologies so that anyone coming across Atlantis Metaverse can have the most general perspective. The company has high hopes for world-wide partnerships, especially with the ones understanding its passion and vision, altogether improving one another’s knowledge, techniques, and strategies.

The company would love to express gratitude for the opportunity to cooperate with the best partners who are fond of making its vision come true, including big fund names in the DeFi space, such as Basics Capital, Orion Depp, MEXC Global and LD CapitalThe company has organized the Seed and Private Sales to attract strategic partners. The company understands and prioritises their expectations so that its business partnerships become successful and unstoppable.


Atlantis is expected to grow exponentially under Hobbit Venture Investment’s Incubation. Hobbit Investment was established to broaden its portfolio in the Blockchain & Crypto industry. Hobbit looks carefully into the history of each technology bubble in the past, then obtains remarkable insight about development progress.

Hobbit Investment’s core mission is to integrate effective advantages of the expertise in the blockchain and crypto field into a project’s methods of operations and development, making it adaptable and sustainable despite the rises and falls of the market.

The partnership’s mission is to enhance the growth of the project and the community. The enthusiasm and passion that are put into Atlantis Metaverse will display the values the company wants to bring to the world, with the most amazing project.

Taking advantage of the Metaverse concept, the company is confident that it can bring the game to more users out there, changing the way they play games, and how ownership is incorporated into games.


Atlantis Metaverse has completed the first step of development as well as the seed round of fundraising. The company is in the next step of developing its product, attracting more major partners to be on board and ready for a massive IDO day on November 27th. Be ready, this is the return of the lost civilization of Atlantis.

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