Bitget To List Shrapnel (SHRAP), Pioneering Gaming and Crypto Convergence


Bitget, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange and web3 company, announces the listing of SHRAP, the native token of the groundbreaking blockchain-enabled first-person shooter (FPS) game, Shrapnel. Bitget stands among the first exchanges to onboard SHRAP and will commence trading of SHRAP on November 8th November 202310 AM (UTC).

Developed by an esteemed team of industry experts with BAFTA and Emmy accolades, Shrapnel spearheads the intersection of gaming and blockchain. It offers a comprehensive suite of player-creation tools that merge combat, creation, curation, and community into an ecosystem governed by its participants. With its listing, Bitget underscores its commitment to unlocking new frontiers in blockchain technology and gaming.

The SHRAP token, central to the Shrapnel platform’s economy, is an ERC-20 token initially minted on the Avalanche C-chain. It’s designed to provide utility and a medium of exchange within the Shrapnel environment. On April 29, 2023, three billion SHRAP tokens were generated, marking a pivotal moment for the platform.

Bitget’s decision to list SHRAP aligns with our unwavering commitment to embrace innovative projects that are poised to redefine our technological landscape,” said Gracy Chen, Managing Director of Bitget“By integrating SHRAP into our diverse spot market, we not only support a future where gaming and blockchain converge but also empower our users to shape that future.”

The inclusion of SHRAP is a testament to Bitget’s strategic expansion and its dedication to diversifying investment opportunities for its users. Over the past three quarters of 2023, Bitget has significantly enriched its spot market offerings with over 255 new listings, providing unparalleled access to some of the most sought-after and valuable digital assets in the industry.

Bitget is also dedicated to enhancing its Centralized Exchange (CEX) platform by incorporating progressive Decentralized Finance (DeFi) features. The exchange has integrated a Web3 Wallet and Swap service within its application and Bitget’s new Web3 feature, aspiring to bring together a range of services, including a non-custody wallet, swap, NFT marketplace, and dApp. This strategic move is designed to bridge the innovative offerings of DeFi with the reliability and ease of use found in Centralized Finance (CeFi), providing users with a seamless experience that leverages the strengths of both financial domains.


Bitget Launches $100M Web3 Fund to Support Next-Generation Crypto Projects in Asia


Bitget, a top crypto derivatives and copy trading platform, launched its Bitget Web3 Fund during the Hong Kong Blockchain Week, with an initial investment of $100 million. The fund will focus on investing in Web3-friendly venture capital and outstanding Web3 projects, with the goal of supporting the development of the next generation of crypto projects.

The Bitget exchange is adhering to a ‘Go beyond derivative’ strategy in 2023 with the launch of the Bitget Web3 Fund, which is intended to foster a positive attitude towards the digital currencies economy and support the development of the Web3 environment. The Bitget Web3 Fund will seek out VCs and projects globally but prioritize partners in Asia that have a clear roadmap and an experienced team, and those that offer innovative solutions to real-world problems. As of now, it has received inquiries from VCs including Foresight Ventures, Dragonfly Capital, SevenX Ventures, DAO Maker, and ABCDE Capital for potential partnerships.

“We can see that Web3 space is evolving rapidly and many projects deserve the support to further advance such development and make Web3 a truly global phenomenon, as Web2 had once become. That is why the Bitget Web3 Fund will strive to seek out projects that have the most impact on this process. We are taking a fully conscious and responsible approach in this regard and know how important accountability is when dealing with any innovative project requiring investments. We strive to support financial innovation in Asia and believe that our platform can act as a reliable, convenient, and secure link between the worlds of DeFi and CeFi. Our team of analysts has already outlined the criteria for project selection and will adhere to them strictly,” as Gracy Chen, the Managing Director of Bitget, commented on the launch of the new fund.

Bitget has been a supporter of numerous endeavors aimed at advancing the adoption of cryptocurrencies. The new ‘Go beyond derivatives’ strategy saw the exchange acquire several Web3 applications in recent months and pledge its support as a sleeve sponsor to Juventus, and as a general sponsor to the Juventus Women’s Team for the 2022-2023 season. In a major move into the Web3 space, the exchange recently acquired the BitKeep wallet – a Web3 access gateway with over 9.5 million users, which will further enhance the Web3 surfing experience for Bitget users. Bitget is also launching numerous events and challenges for the community to support both individual initiatives and overall community spirit.


Bitget enters India amidst crypto taxation policies


Bitget the leading derivatives exchange has announced its entry into India to provide a secure, and compliant platform for crypto futures, derivatives and one-click copy trading. This strategic decision comes right after the newly levied crypto taxation policies in India.

As per the current crypto regulations in the region, capital gains or profits on cryptocurrencies will be taxed at 30% with an additional TDS tax of 1% on all trading transactions.

“We’ve received an overwhelming demand for support from India. At Bitget we’re constantly looking to grow and expand by creating a safe and transparent environment to drive mass adoption,” said Sandra Lou, CEO and Co-founder, Bitget.

India based crypto traders exceed the population of several countries, with over 100 million users holding digital assets. Our mission is to provide a secure platform to interact with digital assets and provide support to nations fostering its growth,” she added.

To simplify crypto taxation, Bitget has partnered up with Koinly, a leading crypto taxation software which can be utilized to calculate taxes in regions like India, and 19 other countries.

Bitget’s entry in the Indian market will be followed by strategic hiring and crypto community development with the aim to contribute to crypto and blockchain’s growth.