CalAmp’s LoJack Italia Unveils iOn™ Tag and iOn Vision to Improve Safety and Efficiency of Goods and Drivers During Transport Across Europe


CalAmp (Nasdaq: CAMP), a global technology solutions pioneer transforming the mobile connected economy, today announced its subsidiary, LoJack® Italia, a leader in stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) and innovative telematics services, unveiled iOn™ Tag and iOn™ Vision for commercial fleet and supply chain operators to provide for the timely and safe delivery of vital goods and assets across Europe, while improving driver safety and transportation efficiency.

These new smart solutions, supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics, were announced for the Italian market by Massimo Braga, deputy general manager of LoJack Italia, at a roundtable titled, Road Transportation in Trouble: A Sector That Gives Without Receiving, during #FORUMAutoMotive held in Milan.

iOn Tag Delivers Continuous Shipment Visibility
iOn Tag is a sensor that looks like a small label and is capable of tracking and protecting vital goods and assets. The sensor communicates with a telematics device onboard the vehicle using Bluetooth. When an iOn Tag is placed on a package transported in a commercial vehicle, it signals the presence or absence of the goods in real-time, while the device signals the exact position of the vehicle in real-time.

iOn Tags can be placed on any asset to:

  • Determine exact location of the asset in real-time
  • Report the asset’s pick up or drop off from a vehicle managed by the logistics operator
  • Limit theft and fraud by immediately reporting route anomalies
  • Enable driver identification and authorization for asset pick-up and delivery
  • Monitor high-value assets such as perishable food, pharmaceuticals or equipment onboard a fire truck, ambulance or service vehicle
  • Enable timely and safe student transport via school buses by monitoring student pick up and drop off

iOn Vision Improves Driver Safety and Transportation Efficiency
iOn Vision is a fully integrated video telematics solution that provides fleet operators and service providers with actionable and deterministic video insights that mitigate liabilities and improve fleet safety.

The solution features self-installed, road-facing and driver-facing cameras along with a CalAmp WiFi-enabled telematics edge device and video server. This system detects visual triggers and audibly alerts the driver to stop signs, speeding and other road safety issues. Inertial triggers indicate and store hard braking, harsh cornering or rapid acceleration, providing fleet operators with an accurate assessment of driver behavior to improve driving habits, efficiency and fleet safety under ever-changing road conditions.

Through tight integration with CalAmp’s CrashBoxx® service, iOn Vision captures direct video evidence of collisions for detailed crash reports and accident reconstructions facilitating investigations to minimize liability. Cameras can also be installed in truck trailers to measure available space, thereby  maximizing transport loads.

“For more than a decade, LoJack and CalAmp have been working to redefine telematics solutions and drive greater value for our customers and partners,” said Massimo Braga, deputy general manager of LoJack Italia. “iOn Vision and iOn Tag resulted from this commitment and represent the finest telematics solutions we’ve produced to help fleet and supply chain operators protect drivers and others on the road, as well as the vital assets and goods they transport every day across Italy and throughout Europe.”


CoinShares appoints Compass Financial Technologies to serve as independent calculation agent for XBT Provider Certificates


CoinShares, Europe’s largest crypto asset management firm with over $1 billion in assets under management, has today announced that the official prices of the XBT Provider range of ETPs will be calculated and published by Compass Financial Technologies on Bloomberg and Reuters. Compass FT is a financial services company specialising in the design, calculation and publication of market benchmarks and financial indices and is registered as a benchmarks administrator under EU Benchmark Regulations.

The prices to be published on Bloomberg and Refinitiv fall under the following ticker symbols:

XBT Certificate

Bloomberg Code

Refinitiv Code

Bitcoin Tracker One



Bitcoin Tracker Euro



Ether Tracker One



Ether Tracker Euro



Litecoin Tracker One



Litecoin Tracker Euro



XRP Tracker One



XRP Tracker Euro



Townsend Lansing, head of product at CoinShares commented “Transparency and trust are important considerations when selecting investment products, and our investors expect and deserve the best support possible. We are pleased to appoint Compass Financial as our independent calculation agent for XBT Provider, which we believe will provide investors with greater certainty and transparency as to the pricing for XBT Certificates.”

The XBT Provider line of products offers investors exposure to cryptocurrency via simple access to financial instruments listed on traditional, regulated securities exchanges. This suite of exchange traded products was created in a structure familiar to investors, allowing them to be bought and sold during trading hours alongside traditional securities. The appointment of Compass Financial is the latest in a series of improvements made to the platform in recent months aimed at increasing transparency and providing a more streamlined user experience for investors.

In September, CoinShares announced that investors would be able to take advantage of Armanino LLP‘s Real Time Assurance application, which allows on-demand, real-time reports on collateral holdings that follow top industry standards backed by a top 25 independent public accounting firm.

In August, the company also announced that the digital assets held to physically back the XBT Provider range of products would be safeguarded by Komainu, the first hybrid custodian for institutional digital asset investors created by the Japanese investment bank, Nomura, digital asset manager, CoinShares and digital asset security company, Ledger.


Delving into DeFi’s Hidden Super Platform


Quietly up against strong competitors, DRK aims to fundamentally transform daily activities of crypto users (and DeFi users in particular) as it works towards its ambition to become an all-in-one super platform in the crypto space. Based on its native chain (DRK Chain), the underlying platform centers around a decentralized cross-chain exchange (DRK DEX) seamlessly integrated with its Dapp ecosystem consisted of DeFi services (DRK Crosschain Swap, DRKompound), games (DRKats, DRocKet, DTrade), a social network reserved specifically for all crypto users (DRKakao), and more.

In its final form, DRK will be where crypto users can earn money 24/7, have fun and connect with like-minded people. The need for such a platform has never been greater. Imagine Facebook, Medium, Telegram, Coinmarketcap and Trustwallet all rolled into one, DrKakao is already in development, designed to connect crypto users and provide useful social features such as regulated P2P trading, and live streaming for crypto KOLs.

As the centerpiece in the grand scheme, DRK DEX has achieved 5.48M monthly views and is supporting 6 coins and tokens (on 4 popular blockchain networks), and 6 trading pairs. Innovations in cross-chain compatibility behind DRK DEX and DRK Swap have solved the headache facing all Defi projects: how to guarantee utility as well as usability and security. Users only need to log in once by connecting with your Metamask wallet to access wallets on all popular blockchain networks (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, and DRK Chain), and do not need to switch networks while trading. The keys of these wallets are generated from your logged-in wallet signature, stored on the client side, and cannot be accessed by any party including the DEX creators.

Seamlessly integrated with DRK DEX, DRK Swap combines the best features of Uniswap with a smart fee mechanism to help liquidity providers mitigate impermanent loss in case of high slippage. Likewise, DRKompound brings Compound enthusiasts a DEX-like and much easier to use interface. On the other hand, DRKats combines elements of DeFi and NFT, allowing users to stake DRK coins in order to receive DRKat NFTs, which can be crossbred and traded freely.

All these high-performance Dapps were and will be built on DRK Chain, which is no less powerful than other popular blockchains, achieving high throughput, smart contract functionality, and compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) with support for the rich universe of Ethereum tools and DApps. This makes it easy for developers to port their projects over from Ethereum, and for users to configure applications like MetaMask to work with DRK Chain.

DRK Chain achieves 2 second blocktime with a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm and many innovations. Firstly, DaRK privacy protocol uses cutting-edge zero-knowledge proofs to enable private transactions. Secondly, the anti-spam mechanism applies a loyalty point on each address based on the amount of gas that address has contributed to the network, so that the higher the loyalty point is, the less gas it needs to prioritize outbound transactions. Thirdly, the anti-slack mechanism allows any validator node which stops mining blocks to be reported by any address and penalized, keeping validator nodes healthy and the network sustainable.

DRK, the native coin on DRK Chain, has been consistently valued at $0.05  for 3 months with a market cap of $800M, and a daily trading volume of $3M. Currently, 96% of DRK coin supply has been permanently locked in staking, and all newly mined DRK will be staked to prevent inflation. To further popularize its Dapps, DRK Team is considering to list DRK on a major exchange. In the meantime, a few startups are asking to list their own tokens on DRK DEX by paying a fee in DRD, yet another highly demanded token on DRK Chain.


Cyberport sheds light on venture capital opportunities in the new normal ahead of flagship Cyberport Venture Capital Forum


Cyberport’s annual flagship tech investment event, Cyberport Venture Capital Forum (CVCF), is slated to take place on 3-4 November. During the media briefing on 30 Oct 2020Peter Yan, CEO of Cyberport; Eric Chan, Chief Public Mission Officer of Cyberport and Cindy Chow, Chairlady of the Cyberport Investment Network (CIN) shared their views on the latest trends in global venture capital investing and provided a preview of the upcoming event. Meanwhile, representatives of three start-ups incubated by Cyberport – Redsip, Snapask and MediConCen – shared on their latest developments and the fundraising efforts for the Blockchain InsurTech, smart living and EdTech industries under the new normal.

Peter Yan, CEO of Cyberport cited recent studies to suggest that the venture capital market has shown signs of slowly recovering in recent months despite having the initial slowdown due to the epidemic and global economic downturn; venture capital investments around the world saw an uptick in value to defy expectations of a decline. Fundraising within China’s venture capital market also saw increases in activity with growth in both the number of deals and the amount of capital committed. Several start-ups incubated by Cyberport, including Aqumon, Quantifeed and Rice Robotics closed fundraising deals in October 2020.

This trend can also be seen within the Cyberport Macro Fund (CMF) programme. From January to September 2020, the CMF invested US$4.14 million (approximately HK$32 million) in five start-ups – Aqumon, GetLinks, OneDegree, CapBridge and MediConCen. During this period, the co-investment ratio has improved to 1:12 from the overall 1:6 ratio throughout the years.

Peter Yan, CEO of Cyberport said, “We have witnessed an increase in market demand for innovative technology solutions and the rapid development of related industries amidst accelerated digital transformation. We encourage our start-ups to show agility and versatility to grasp market opportunities and utilize Cyberport’s platform to seek business opportunities and connect with investors all over the world.”

Eric Chan, Chief Public Mission Officer of Cyberport said, “CVCF is our flagship event to connect investors and the start-ups community. We hope that this year Cyberport will play an even more effective role as a platform to facilitate deal flow. Amidst the epidemic, the number of exhibiting start-ups tripled compared to last year, reflecting a strong demand for venture capital investment. As more industry professionals and investors participate, we hope start-ups can understand the latest market trends and pursue the right direction for future development by learning from successful case studies and availing insights shared by internationally renowned speakers.”

Cindy Chow, Chairlady of the CIN said, “There are currently over 100 members in the Cyberport Investors Network (CIN), over seven-tenths of whom are based in Hong Kong, and a fifth hail from the Greater Bay area. We have been organizing different activities to foster communication between investors and start-ups to assist start-ups in capturing fundraising opportunities. Even if the investment environment has been challenging in the past year, average deal sizes continue to grow, which indicates that investors are still showing interest in projects of great potential.”

Cyberport empowers start-ups to seize opportunities amidst crisis

Several start-ups representatives shared their insights on the development of Blockchain InsurTech, smart living, and EdTech industries. In particular, William Yeung, Co-founder and CEO of MediConCen, shared how his medical platform raised funds from Cyberport Macro Fund in September despite the uncertain business environment. “We have always hoped to improve the process of medical claims with technology thereby improving the experience with insurance products. As the epidemic strengthened the general public’s understanding of insurance products, it allowed us to seize opportunities amidst the challenges and use blockchain-based technology to provide insurance services. With the support of Cyberport, we were able to raise funds quickly; and we have gained numerous partners through Cyberport’s network which had allowed us to learn from each other,” said William Yeung.

Redsip, a social media platform for wine enthusiasts, was present at last year’s CVCF and successfully closed deals within two weeks of meeting investors at the event. “We launched our product during the epidemic, coinciding with the emergence of a booming ‘stay at home’ economy under the new normal, which resulted in rapid organic growth in our user base. We hope to soon enter the markets of the Greater Bay Area, San Francisco and Singapore,” said Qing Li, co-founder and CEO of Redsip.

The epidemic has also accelerated the adoption of e-learning initiatives in the city and EdTech has emerged as one of the most watched technology spaces. Online education platform Snapask was part of the first batch of start-ups to receive investments from CMF in 2018, and it raised over US$35 million in a Series B round earlier in the year. Katherine Cheung, Snapask’s Chief Marketing Officer, outlined how the epidemic had led to observable changes in the demand for their services and the opportunities available within the industry. “Due to the epidemic, schools were suspended on multiple occasions yet the demand for learning remained, proven by the significant growth in the usage and the number of users of Snapask’s platform. In addition to matching us with suitable investors, Cyberport has also helped us in finding a sustainable operational model. We believe that the education industry will gradually shift towards a more interactive mode of learning,” she said.

CVCF introduces brand-new experiences to drive deal-flow

Cyberport has continually endeavoured to broaden the pool of smart capital and facilitate deal-making opportunities for start-ups. As CVCF continues to become an increasingly important event in the international investment calendar, this year’s event will bring a brand-new experience for both investors and start-ups.

Held as a virtual event for the first time, beyond the two days of live content, the event platform will be open to participants for a full month, providing start-ups with broader exposure and higher chances of being matched with suitable investors.

It will also include two international partner events – Silicon Dragon HK 2020 and the inaugural Edventure Global Business Acceleration Summit. 100 start-ups from all over the world have also been invited to showcase their innovative solutions at CVCF and the Summits, establishing a truly global platform for information exchange and investment exploration.

This year is also the first time CVCF will be partnering with Jumpstart to conduct “in-depth matching” for start-ups to help them find investors across Asia. It has already successfully arranged over 100 one-on-one meetings with investors from Asia, including IndiaJapanSouth KoreaIndonesiaThailand and Singapore.


Blockchain Investment Matchmaking conference successfully held in Chengdu


In Chengdu, over 266 enterprises with blockchain in the business world. Among them, there has been an explosive growth from 2018 to 2019, with 216 newly added. Behind the increase in the number of enterprises is the rapid development of Chengdu’s blockchain industry, and an important conference with the theme of blockchain is also held in Chengdu.

From October 29th to 30th, 2020, the “2020 Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair and Chain Expo” hosted by the Chengdu Municipal People’s Government officially kicked off in Chengdu. As an important part of this trade fair, the “2020 Chengdu Blockchain Investment, and Financing Conference” was also held at No. 5, Roadshow Zone, Western China International Expo City on October 30th, the same period.

Sichuan Province is a national pilot area of digital economy innovation and development, and Chengdu is one of the four digital currency pilot cities in the country. Chengdu ranks among the top six cities in the national blockchain entrepreneurial activity.

This event guided and promoted blockchain developers, innovators, and other ecological participants to strengthen industry self-discipline, share city opportunities, and promote the safe and orderly development of blockchain through various forms such as speeches, project demonstrations, and capital docking. “Blockchain+” has the potential to promote prosperity and development.

The conference invited many internationally renowned blockchain experts, representatives of financial research institutions and 30 well-known investment institutions, and more than 100 startup companies and projects to participate to discuss the development status and trends of blockchain technology and link all parties to the blockchain Resources to create a blockchain industry development ecology.

It is worth noting that this “Chengdu Blockchain Investment and Financing Matchmaking Conference” took the integration of blockchain venture capital sources as the mainline, and has established the best investment and financing institutions in the country, innovative entrepreneurs in Chengdu, and even global venture capital channels. A convenient and diversified communication bridge for venture capital.

In this conference, industry leaders from Chengdu Prime Stark Technology, Sichuan Wanwu Digital Innovation Technology, Gaodeng Enterprise Service Technology, and other industry leaders participated in the project roadshow, displaying their high-quality projects in multiple aspects and levels. After the roadshow, there was a group of venture capital mentors composed of VCs, whether it was innovative companies full of ideas, detailed data presentations, or full of ambitions The development strategies of all companies are engaged in face-to-face enthusiastic conversations and in-depth exchanges with VC tycoons on site.