Delving into DeFi’s Hidden Super Platform


Quietly up against strong competitors, DRK aims to fundamentally transform daily activities of crypto users (and DeFi users in particular) as it works towards its ambition to become an all-in-one super platform in the crypto space. Based on its native chain (DRK Chain), the underlying platform centers around a decentralized cross-chain exchange (DRK DEX) seamlessly integrated with its Dapp ecosystem consisted of DeFi services (DRK Crosschain Swap, DRKompound), games (DRKats, DRocKet, DTrade), a social network reserved specifically for all crypto users (DRKakao), and more.

In its final form, DRK will be where crypto users can earn money 24/7, have fun and connect with like-minded people. The need for such a platform has never been greater. Imagine Facebook, Medium, Telegram, Coinmarketcap and Trustwallet all rolled into one, DrKakao is already in development, designed to connect crypto users and provide useful social features such as regulated P2P trading, and live streaming for crypto KOLs.

As the centerpiece in the grand scheme, DRK DEX has achieved 5.48M monthly views and is supporting 6 coins and tokens (on 4 popular blockchain networks), and 6 trading pairs. Innovations in cross-chain compatibility behind DRK DEX and DRK Swap have solved the headache facing all Defi projects: how to guarantee utility as well as usability and security. Users only need to log in once by connecting with your Metamask wallet to access wallets on all popular blockchain networks (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, and DRK Chain), and do not need to switch networks while trading. The keys of these wallets are generated from your logged-in wallet signature, stored on the client side, and cannot be accessed by any party including the DEX creators.

Seamlessly integrated with DRK DEX, DRK Swap combines the best features of Uniswap with a smart fee mechanism to help liquidity providers mitigate impermanent loss in case of high slippage. Likewise, DRKompound brings Compound enthusiasts a DEX-like and much easier to use interface. On the other hand, DRKats combines elements of DeFi and NFT, allowing users to stake DRK coins in order to receive DRKat NFTs, which can be crossbred and traded freely.

All these high-performance Dapps were and will be built on DRK Chain, which is no less powerful than other popular blockchains, achieving high throughput, smart contract functionality, and compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) with support for the rich universe of Ethereum tools and DApps. This makes it easy for developers to port their projects over from Ethereum, and for users to configure applications like MetaMask to work with DRK Chain.

DRK Chain achieves 2 second blocktime with a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm and many innovations. Firstly, DaRK privacy protocol uses cutting-edge zero-knowledge proofs to enable private transactions. Secondly, the anti-spam mechanism applies a loyalty point on each address based on the amount of gas that address has contributed to the network, so that the higher the loyalty point is, the less gas it needs to prioritize outbound transactions. Thirdly, the anti-slack mechanism allows any validator node which stops mining blocks to be reported by any address and penalized, keeping validator nodes healthy and the network sustainable.

DRK, the native coin on DRK Chain, has been consistently valued at $0.05  for 3 months with a market cap of $800M, and a daily trading volume of $3M. Currently, 96% of DRK coin supply has been permanently locked in staking, and all newly mined DRK will be staked to prevent inflation. To further popularize its Dapps, DRK Team is considering to list DRK on a major exchange. In the meantime, a few startups are asking to list their own tokens on DRK DEX by paying a fee in DRD, yet another highly demanded token on DRK Chain.

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