Business Age of Empires attracts $3 million investment before going public, the NFT market continues to grow.


January 2022 continues to be rough for crypto investors as current markets see turbulent fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies. Non-fungible token (NFT) trading and blockchain games, on the other hand, seem to have resisted the dip. Expanding metaverse developments along with the growing success of the play-to-earn model have also strengthened the opportunity for blockchain games to continue growing throughout 2022.

Business Age of Empires, a promising NFT game

Business Age of Empires (BAoE), is a “Play to Earn” game built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform that will exhibit its ability to provide stakeholders the opportunity to play games and conduct business at the same time.

BAoE has raised approximately $3 million in funding through Seed Round and Private Sale.

Grooo International, Meta Ultra Holdings, D.H Inc., D.Ragoon, and Moonchase Asset Management are investment institutions which participated in the Seed round and Private sale of BAoE.

Through the Seed round investment, Business Age of Empires (BAoE) planned to build the most successful NFT game. BAoE has basic but attractive gameplay that is appropriate for all ages.

BAoE was created to make the blockchain stage which is open to everybody. The mission of BAoE is to make a coordinated advanced foundation of tokenized assets that requests players by permitting them to join and acquire benefits from Blockchain innovation. This is why BAoE aims to create a new generation game idea that combines blockchain and the NFT-based gaming world. For long-term vision, we are going to build a sustainable community where the players can develop their mindsets and skills comprehensively. With the success of this raise fund round, BAoE has attracted $2.75 million in investment. At that time, BAoE’s fund was raised only by its Whitepaper.

The reason behind the success of BAoE

The reasons behind the success of BAoE were that the game has quality BOD, the center groups are composed of partners who have cooperated on programming framework and blockchain stages for more than 10 years. They understand the significance of money in Crypto technology. In contrast to other initiatives, which may be technologically powerful but suffer from a lack of financial expertise, token inflation is an issue. With the game’s shareholders having achieved numerous successes in other ventures, it contributes to our game development that will provide an experience of ‘playing and earning’ to our players. Furthermore, the game established a clear road map and plan for the long term, and the trust from big investors.

BAoE upcoming events

BAoE plans to publicize on Binance Smart Chain in the first quarter of 2022.
Further, the game was settled to launch and is expected to be listed on 27th January, 2022.
The game testnet is also expected to launch with Listing.
Meanwhile, BAoE started constructing a 3D version and PVP game mode, hoping to publicize these versions in the first quarter of 2023.