Coinllectibles™️ Launches Latest Heritage Series Fusion NFTs™️ In Time For Lunar New Year


Metaverse Blockchain Fusion NFT™ company, Coinllectibles™, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cosmos Group Holdings, Inc. (OTC: COSG) is pleased to share that it will be launching the latest Heritage Series Fusion NFTs™ for sale in time for Lunar New Year.

The latest Heritage Series features a pair of exquisite ceramic collectibles from the Qing Dynasty in the 19th Century which will be minted into Coinllectibles™ Fusion NFTs™. Collectors can have ownership over both the physical item as well as the digital asset. In line with Chinese tradition, a pair usually signifies double blessings, which bodes luck and happiness.

The pair of “Guanyin Vase in Altar Red Glaze of Qing Dynasty (19th Century)” vases may appear to be identical, but there are minute differences in the dimensions of each piece. Specifically, one measures 21.6cm (Width) x 21.6cm (Depth) x 47.6cm (Height) while the other measures 21.8cm (Width) x 21.8cm (Depth) x 46.8cm (Height).

Interestingly, this pair of vases from the Qing Dynasty was recovered from overseas. They bear a gilded-copper rim and phoenixes on the two sides of the body. The circular base — a gilded-copper sculpture of French origin — is exquisite, vivid, and elegant. The altar-red glaze porcelain is a product of the sophisticated process of tinted, high-temperature glaze by kiln masters produced during the zenith of traditional Chinese ceramic products during the Kangxi reign. Historically, the bright-red glazed porcelain found favour among nobility as well as the common people. Particularly, during the Qing Dynasty, the Qianlong Emperor cherished such polished porcelain.

Commenting on the latest offering of Heritage Series, Nancy Wong, Chief Assets Officer of Coinllectibles™ said, “We are delighted to bring such exquisite and rare ceramic collectibles to our community. The collections from previous Heritage Series were well-received by collectors and we hope the same is achieved for this pair of vases as well. With the Lunar New Year approaching, we hope that this pair of will bring luck and happiness to the eventual owner in this festive season.”

More details on the latest Heritage Series Fusion NFTs™ can be found on

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Fusion NFT Company- Coinllectibles – Signed A Crossover Partnership With Renowned Fine Art Glass Artist Jack Storm


The world’s first Fusion NFT art purveyor and art gallery –Coinllectibles– announced today to establish an official partnership with American artist, Jack Storms. This classy duo will design a  one-of-a-kind NFT Collectible crossover, bridging a physical piece with the digital world.

Jack Storms is an American fine art glass sculptor and an entrepreneur. His work involves transforming cold glass into a dazzling piece of art. This process includes combining lead crystal and dichroic glass using a cold-glass press.  In his career, Jack has produced multiple masterpieces and eventually saw two of his works, the Glass Spectrum and Tear Drop sculptures, used in the Marvel film ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’.

Coinllectibles, who recently announced the opening of its Fusion NFTs physical art gallery in Hong Kong, saw this partnership with Jack Storms as a “crossover initiative” which aims to showcase prominent artists globally. Jack will create a 1 of 1 unique glass sculpture,  minted into a Coinllectibles Fusion NFT and displayed at the invite only gallery.

This rare glass piece will have a unique individual pattern, core, and technology, which can never be replicated or re-created in the future. Jack Storms stated ” this interior core design will be the most intricate pattern created in my career.” The sculpture will include an NFT- compatible, scannable element, that will be embedded into the sculpture to enable a fusion of both digital and physical ownership of the collectible.

“I’m determined to make the most unique and beautiful piece of fine glass art,” said Jack Storms“Fit for the historic NFT moment it represents, I am glad to be partnering with a Fusion NFT curator passionate about art- Coinllectibles”. Added Jack.

“Our crossover with Jack Storms demonstrates how Coinllectibles Fusion NFTs will benefit artists and collectors from around the world,” stated Benny Phang, Managing Director at SGI Partners & Advisor at Coinllectibles. ” Our Fusion NFTs, like centuries of art, will bring people from all walks of life together,” added Dr Herbert Lee, Founder and Advisory Board Chairman of Coinllectibles.

The NFT marketplace has yet to be announced, but is rumored to be soon. More information and updates can be found in the website,