CornerMarket is helping small businesses thrive


CornerMarket hosted a successful “Small Business Tour” in Palo Alto, California. This tour was not only an opportunity for attendees to beta test the CornerMarket App, but also a chance to see first-hand how the platform is helping small businesses thrive.

The tour kicked off at Kung Fu Tea, a Boba tea shop owned by Ryan Chen. Ryan shared his positive experience with CornerMarket and praised the app for its ease of use and accessibility.

He was able to offer tour attendees a significant discount of 20% or more on their Boba tea when purchased through the CornerMarket app, showcasing the cost savings that small businesses can pass on to their customers.

Next, the tour visited Alegio Chocolate, where owner Panos shared the story behind their product and the history of the small African island where the chocolate is sourced. Guests were treated to wine and free samples of the delicious chocolate and left inspired by the passion and craftsmanship behind the business.

The tour concluded at Qualia Contemporary Art Gallery, owned by Dacia Xu. Dacia highlighted the customizable features of the CornerMarket app and how it has helped her showcase her products in a more engaging manner. The tour also included a visit from Luke, one of the owners of Vogue Cleaners. He shared his personal story of starting a small business with his brother at the young age of 18 and the challenges they faced along the way, including during the recent impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these challenges, Luke’s determination and resilience inspired the attendees and small business owners in attendance and he was excited to add cryptocurrency as a form of payment at their business.

Representatives from Stanford University were on hand during the tour to answer questions about Web3 and help attendees set up their Web3 wallet. They also discussed the potential benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrency for small businesses, including increased security and transparency in transactions and cost savings through the elimination of intermediaries.

The Small Business Tour was a resounding success, with each business owner expressing their appreciation for CornerMarket and its ability to support small businesses. The tour demonstrated the great potential of the CornerMarket app for small business owners and consumers, with its integration of blockchain technology, DAO, and partnerships with local organizations. Web3 is poised to revolutionize the way small businesses and consumers interact and transact with each other, and CornerMarket is leading the way.