iSHANG Technology Limited (iSHANG –, the Web3 business arm of the leading digital asset group, COINSTREET, today announced the launch of world’s first “Web3-as-a-Service” (W3aaS) platform that provides the infrastructure and gateway for brands & enterprises to enter into the Web3 market through over 10 turnkey Web3 services & applications anchored on Decentralized Ledger Technology (DLT).

iSHANG Web3-as-a-Service (W3aaS) Platform is built on Ethereum and Polygon blockchain using IPFS (Inter Planetary Filing System) decentralized storage system. To ensure seamless integration with conventional Web2 system from enterprises, iSHANG also leverages on AWS’s cloud infrastructure and high-available secure computing environment.

In addition, iSHANG also provides one-stop consulting services, empowering mainstream brands and enterprises to transform their businesses and to tap into the limitless potential of the Web3 market, and offering revolutionary ways for brand engagement, customer acquisition & retention. This provides an end-to-end solution for brands and enterprises to launch customized and innovative Web3 Vertical Applications in a timely & cost-efficient way.

Web3-as-a-Service Platform and Solutions

iSHANG’s W3aaS platform includes three main components, 1) 10+ ready-made turnkey, but fully customizable decentralized blockchain applications, 2) tailor-made Web3 campaign management, and 3) campaign-driven NFT & dApp marketplace, such as –

  1. Web2-to-3 Membership & Lifestyle Program
  2. Collectible Phygital Value-Backed NFT, or “vNFT”
  3. Decentralized Affiliate & Social Marketing Program
  4. “Proof-of-X” Non-Transferable NFT Certificate
  5.  O2O Commerce and Global Payment
  6.   Tokenization of ESG & Charity Project
  7. Web3 Voting Campaign & Survey
  8. Branded Web3 Game & Metaverse
  9. Decentralized Coupon, Voucher & Ticketing
  10. Crowdfunding & Trade Financing Program

Web3 Consulting Service

  • Advisory / Consultation – Project idea conception, strategic planning and commercialization plan;
  • Technical Development & Operation – Smart contracts & dApp creation, mini-site creation, blockchain wallet & payment system;
  • Marketing & Launch Campaign – Community management, MarCom strategy, campaign management;
  • Post-Launch Trading & Support – Trading & auctioning, DAO management, exit strategies.

Samson Lee, Co-Founder of iSHANG commented, “Despite the hype, Web3 mass adoption has been slow and mostly focused on cryptocurrency, Game-Fi and NFT. Research has shown that both users and brands have a strong interest in adopting Web3; however, there are many gaps and hurdles in the deployment of technologies, as well as a lack of talent in the field and cost-efficient solutions. iSHANG aims to solve these issues and provide a bridge for mass adoption with a total solution of Web3-as-a-Service technology platform, together with turnkey enterprise solutions and practical consulting services.”

Stephen Law, Vice Chairman of COINSTREET, the holding company of iSHANG, commented, “We were recently granted of first license of Security Token Offering Platform in Hong Kong (under another subsidiary of Signum Digital) and are now delighted to announce the launch of iSHANG Web3-as-a-Service Enterprise Solutions Platform. With the two platforms in operation, Coinstreet group aims to capture the vast Web3 transformation business opportunities from within the regulated financial service area, to overall non-regulated business trades and industries.”

Alice So, Head of Entrepreneurship at Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited, added, “Hong Kong Cyberport is dedicated to nurturing the growth of the Web3 ecosystem. We are pleased to see our incubatee, iSHANG, launching their Web3-as-a-Service Platform with the aim to facilitate mass adoption of Web3 by end consumers and corporations. We will continue to support the development of this emerging industry and attract international Web3 companies to set up operations in Hong Kong through Web3 Hub@Cyberport.”

Web3 has been described as the next evolution of the World Wide Web. It is also a general term referring to all kinds of new Internet services that are built using decentralized blockchains. Recent research indicates that the global Web3 market size is expected to reach USD 81.5 Billion in 2030 with revenue CAGR of 43.7%. Web3 is predicated on the creation of a completely decentralized ecosystem, representing a potential power shift in allowing consumers to control their personal data. Individuals will be able to own-trade-profit from the digital assets through direct P2P transactions, with transactions tracked with total transparency and streamlined by settlement of stablecoins. Operational efficiency will be largely increased by lowering operation cost and increasing settlement speed through smart contracts.  With iSHANG W3aaS Platform, all brands and enterprises can make a move to take advantage of this paradigm shift in timely and cost-efficient ways.


Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund/HSBC JUMPSTARTER 2022 Global Pitch Competition Launches


Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund (“AEF”) today announced that HSBC will be the title sponsor of the startup event JUMPSTARTER, which will be named Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund/HSBC JUMPSTARTER 2022 Global Pitch Competition (“JUMPSTARTER 2022”). AEF and HSBC will be working closely together to promote the event to startups worldwide, and encourage interaction and experience sharing among entrepreneurs.

JUMPSTARTER 2022 is now open for applications until November 28, 2021. The top 100 entrants will be selected by the judging panel and enter the pitching phase in December. The top 10 will participate in the finals early next year, competing for a total of up to USD4 million investment* and other various awards. Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited (“Cyberport”) and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (“HKSTP”), co-organizers of the event, will take part in a joint investment to provide further support to fuel the growth of startups.

The top 10 finalists of JUMPSTARTER 2022 will have the opportunities to participate in exchange programs and/or market research activities managed by AEF in Hong Kong and other cities in the Greater Bay Area (“GBA”). In addition, JUMPSTARTER 2022 will arrange industry experts to share their experience, helping startups to understand more about the market environment in the GBA and expand their business network, so as to identify opportunities for future growth.

Meanwhile, the top 100 of JUMPSTARTER 2022 will take part in the Alibaba Netpreneur Training Program. The quota is increased from the top 20 last year to the top 100 this year, as a way to provide network and resource support, apart from capital, for the startups.

Cindy Chow, Executive Director of Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund, said, “Since onset of the pandemic, like other startups, Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund has never slowed down its pace and continued to respond to market change in a swift and active manner. Noticing the rapid development of the startup ecosystem and market, JUMPSTARTER 2022 caters to the current trend and focuses on five sectors including Fintech, Deep Tech, Healthcare, Art Tech and Sustainability. It hopes to act as a bridge to connect the startups, facilitating them to learn more about the latest trends in the market. AEF believes that JUMPSTARTER 2022 can encourage and support the startups to further develop, injecting new impetus into Hong Kong and other cities in the GBA.”

Christina Ong, Head of Business Banking, Commercial Banking, Hong Kong, HSBC, said: “HSBC is committed to supporting start-ups and small businesses across all sectors along their growth journey. As an up-and-coming economic powerhouse, the Greater Bay Area offers the combined strengths of an international capital market for fundraising, research capabilities, manufacturing facilities and an enormous consumer market for start-ups to grow and thrive. JUMPSTARTER 2022 offers an excellent platform for entrepreneurial talents to capture the ample market opportunities in this vibrant city cluster, and unleash their potential over time.”

Peter Yan, Chief Executive Officer, Cyberport, said: “Complementing the National 14th Five-Year Plan, Hong Kong is deepening and expanding its connection with the GBA to allow more room to develop technology and innovation. As the digital technology flagship of Hong Kong, Cyberport has been actively supporting startups to expand their business and tap into the GBA. We encourage more startups to seize the opportunity and compete for the support offered by JUMPSTARTER 2022. With an increasing number of startup projects supported by capital from Mainland China and successful landings in the GBA, we believe we can achieve greater synergy to facilitate the development of the GBA as an international technology and innovation hub.”

Albert Wong, Chief Executive Officer, HKSTP, said: “HKSTP has always been dedicated to building a vibrant and competitive I&T ecosystem in Hong Kong and GBA by helping startups scale and access a host of resources including industry expertise, partner and investor networks, and R&D support. We are delighted to continue our partnership with Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund to support promising startups and inspire more young talent to begin their entrepreneurial journey through JUMPSTARTER 2022. Together, we will capture new opportunities emerging from GBA to accelerate the development of I&T for a brighter future.”

JUMPSTARTER 2022 is open to startups that have been operating for less than five years and plan to expand into Hong Kong or other cities in the GBA (see below appendix for more requirements).

Another highlight this year is the four online sharing sessions in early November that will target startups from cities in Mainland China, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and Southeast Asia. Successful startups and experts from a variety of industries will be invited to share their experiences during their entrepreneurial period, such as how to solve problems, the reasons for choosing Hong Kong or other cities in the GBA to develop business, analyze the business environment in the region, and the development opportunities of multiple emerging industries.

“Developments in the GBA offer unlimited opportunities, the economic scale is comparable to that of metropolitan areas such as New YorkSan Francisco and Tokyo, bringing huge development potential for startups. We have noticed the rising demand from startups to explore business and financing opportunities in the GBA. With the help of our partners, we hope to deliver more abundant online and offline resources and sharing activities, which support them to further explore the business environment for startups in these cities. Looking forward, AEF will continue to focus on achieving goals for participants, and encourage more institutions with the same vision to join us in nurturing startups,” Chow added.

Since its establishment, Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund has invested approximately USD80 million into 55 startups^, attracting co-investment funding of about USD2 billion to support these startups. Its investment portfolio covers a wide range of areas, including green technology, educational technology, fintech, medical and healthcare, logistics and e-commerce.


Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund JUMPSTARTER 2021 Global Pitch Competition Announces Two Winners with Investment of up to US$4 Million in Total


JUMPSTARTER 2021 Global Pitch Competition (“JUMPSTARTER 2021”), the world’s largest online startup pitch contest[1] organized by Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund, has concluded its Grand Finale. After a series of intense pitching sessions, Rice Robotics, an autonomous robot company from Hong Kong, and Lingxi AR Technology, an optical display and AR technology solution company from Beijing (in no particular order, see Appendix I below for details), were named as winners among the top 10 startups.

The two winning startups are entitled to an investment of up to US$4 million in total. Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited (“Cyberport”) and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (“HKSTP”), co-organizers of JUMPSTARTER 2021, are also exploring the possibility of co-investments, so as to step up their support to the startups.

Due to the pandemic, JUMPSTARTER 2021 moved the entire contest online for the first time. It received an overwhelming response with over 2,000 applications from 100 countries and regions around the globe. Startups from Greater China and Asia Pacific are the most active among the applicants. With the support of collaboration partners, more than 220 semi-pitch sessions were held online, attracting more than 126,000 fans and supporters worldwide. The scale of the event was the largest since its inception, showing the passion of startups and their supporters, even amid the pandemic.

The competition has been opened to startups in the retail, fintech, smart city and deep tech industries. Among the top 200 finalists, retail startups made up a relatively high proportion of entries. The judging panel of JUMPSTARTER 2021 believes that due to the popularity among fintech in the last few years, participants in this area will face fiercer competition in the market. By region, startups in the Mainland are concentrating on deep tech such as biotechnology, while startups in Hong Kong are focusing on retail and fintech. Startups in Southeast Asia meanwhile are showing strong interest in the retail sector.

Cindy Chow, Executive Director of Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund, said, “The Hong Kong and global markets have faced severe challenges over the past year. We are happy to see that many startups still hold on to indomitable, innovative and flexible thinking during their journeys. The support from enterprises is crucial to the growth of startups. With the help of Cyberport, HKSTP, as well as other sponsoring companies and institutions, we will have abundant resources to match startups with mentors to share relevant experiences in entrepreneurship and management.”

Peter Yan, Chief Executive Officer, Cyberportsaid, “Under the new normal, innovative technology has become an important driving force for the global economy. In face of current challenges, I look forward to seeing more startups solve real world pain points in innovative ways to create value for society. We are committed to providing comprehensive support to promising startups, and will work with institutions and investors to promote the development of Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem.”