Docupace Launches New Productivity Toolkit for Financial Advisors and RIA Firms


Docupace, the leader in cloud-based fintech digital operations software for the wealth management industry, today announced the launch of its RIA Productivity Suite, designed to optimize operations for advisory firms of all sizes – empowering them to digitize, streamline, connect and automate operations.

“While much of the financial services industry is a ‘sea of sameness,’ the RIA universe is vast and diverse,” said Docupace CEO David Knoch. “For too long, this has resulted in an abundance of technology solutions for this market, and those available are too inflexible and too expensive. That stops now.”

Docupace, in consultation with Ezra Group, developed the RIA Productivity Suite with several “out-of-the-box” capabilities and integrations that meet the sector’s needs with simple-delivery requirements for the RIA market.

The cost-effective, innovative platform powers RIA firms to reduce operational costs, improve efficiency, attract top-tier talent, strengthen recruiting, and enhance the client experience they deliver.

An integrated toolkit, RIA Productivity Suite features include:

>     Streamlined New Account Opening and Simplified New Client Onboarding 
>     Robust Workflow Engine with Automated, Rules-based Data Validations and Work Item Status Dashboard by Contact 
>     Straight-Through Processing of All Work Items 
>     Forms Library & BundlingADV Form Management and Storage and Dynamic Processing 
>     Out-of-the-Box CRM Integrations with Redtail CRM, Salesforce, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, Wealthbox and Practifi 
>     Digital Organizer of compliant document storage, indexing and retrieval, and more 
>     Digital Back Office Xpress which allows end-to-end pre-defined workflows that include, pre-configured Custodial form validations and bundles for Axos, Pershing Advisory Services (PAS), Charles Schwab, Pershing and Fidelity Institutional 
>     Embedded DocuSign solution and standard wet signature solution

Docupace created this set of productivity tools for advisors and RIAs with minimal implementation costs in mind; seeking to optimize an often clunky delivery model common among wealthtech firms.

Future-Proofing RIAs with Operational Scale and Efficiency

The RIA Productivity Suite is specifically designed to remove four significant barriers in the way of growth and scale for RIAs. By streamlining client onboarding through automation, integrating systems and data, digitizing the client experience and reducing the cost of administrative work the Productivity Suite is built to enable growth-minded RIAs to deliver superior advisor and client experiences at scale and lower cost.

“Advisory firms and the RIA marketplace deserve enterprise-grade tools that enable and unlock the human potential of their firms,” says Knoch. “Launching the RIA Productivity Suite fills a void in the marketplace and puts the power of the Docupace platform’s RIA tools in the hands of fast-growing, forward-looking financial advisors.”