Taiwan’s eKYC Solution provider Authme showcases its latest Deepfake preventing innovation at Singapore FinTech Festival


Taiwan-based Authme, one of the leading providers of AI-based eKYC solution attended Singapore FinTech Festival 2022 along with Taiwan’s Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency and FinTech Space, showcasing their most advanced KYC solution that provides seamless onboarding experience and innovative fraud prevention technology to combat Deepfake frauds.

Fraudsters exploit Deepfake technology to perpetrate identity fraud, causing an enormous loss in the FinTech industry. Therefore, preventing individuals and enterprises from Deepfake attacks becomes a must. Authme revolutionizes fraud prevention with a self-developed active and passive liveness detection engine and extremely accurate biometric ID photo matching, which successfully builds trust in proving the user’s real identity.

Supported by Artificial Intelligence and edge computing, Authme eKYC solution also streamlines complex onboarding into three steps, including document verification, patented mobile NFC data reading, and biometric authentication. With industry-leading verification technology, Authme has acquired trust from FinTech industries – one of the financial giants, LINE Bank Taiwan, has adopted Authme’s solution in the onboarding and account upgrading process.

KuoChan Tseng, the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Authme, points out, “COVID-19 has sped up the development of the FinTech industry more quickly than ever before. During Singapore FinTech Festival, we’ve seen surging needs for digital KYC solutions and anti-fraud technology compared with three years ago. Therefore, we are planning to expand our business to overseas market and expect to foster deeper cooperation with local companies to help them build a safe identity verification ecosystem in 2023.”