Talent Partner Forsyth Barnes Announces 10% Company Wide Pay Rise to Aid Cost of Living Crisis


Executive Search Firm, Forsyth Barnes, announced that everyone in the company would be receiving a 10% raise across their offices in LondonNottingham, and New York. The decision was made in response to rising energy and fuel prices to minimize the impact of the cost of living increases.

“We are incredibly proud to have developed a family of talented, hard-working, and loyal individuals. We are a people-first business who will always, always look after our own,” said Managing Partner Scott Parsons.

Forsyth Barnes’ second Managing Partner, Roheel Ahmad thanked the team for their hard work and resilience over the past six years, stating, “Your ambition to work alongside us and grow this business into a lasting legacy that is bigger than any of us is infectious and inspiring, and this is just one of the ways we give thanks to you all.”

Speaking with some employees, it’s clear how significant this gesture is. “I had relocated to our London office at the end of 2021, and the cost of living had already increased. This is such an unexpected surprise, adding to all of the other incentives, rewards, and raises over the years. I’m so excited and proud to work for such a people-centric business,” notes one employee.

The business profits funding this raise are wholly organic, as Forsyth Barnes has never received external funding. “We are built entirely off the back of our own success,” said Parsons. He continues, “The main driver for us as business owners is to ensure everyone within our team will work their best selves and leave the office each day their best selves too.”