FinchTrade quoting SNACK on FineryMarkets


FinchTrade, a Swiss-based digital asset liquidity provider, has recently added a new token – SNACK, which is the world’s fastest-growing iGaming token.

Snack is an innovative DeFi Token that is focused on growing the crypto community by bringing the physical and digital worlds together. Snack is set to become the token currency of choice in the iGaming industry.

The token’s partnerships, such as with FinchTrade, and listings with processors enable users to access over 300 online casino and sports betting operators where they can use their Snack as a payment method. FinchTrade is always proud to be a launch pad for the new and handy tokens such as Snack, becoming the point of growth of their evolution.

“We’re really pleased to add the Snack token to the choices available to our clients,” said FinchTrade Board Adviser Charlie Walker. “Snack is an exciting company with a lot of momentum behind it.”

The Snack token (SNACK) is a BEP-20 token, native to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). SNACK currently offers great utility within the iGaming Industry and beyond. Additionally, the Crypto Snack protocol allows users to earn rewards by staking.

Snack can be a faster and more cost-efficient means of transacting for several reasons. BSC is faster and cheaper to use than Ethereum. With gas prices increasing in recent months, many simply cannot afford to use Ethereum-based DeFi protocols. BSC has a transaction fee which can be as low as one US cent. Furthermore, block confirmation times are as low as three seconds per block.

“Integrating with FinchTrade is another fantastic milestone for the Crypto SNACK token. We are proud to announce this new partnership and look forward to working with such an established company. This is a great step forward for our community and business.” – Stuart Morrison, CEO of Crypto Snack OÜ.