Advisor Flow Partners with Flinks to Unlock the Power of Digital Onboarding for Independent Financial Advisors


Vancouver-based financial technology company Advisor Flow today announced a partnership with financial data company Flinks to give financial advisors a fully digital client onboarding option. By integrating Flinks in its independent digital platform, Advisor Flow enables advisors to seamlessly and securely collect clients’ financial information, helping more Canadians access personalized financial advice digitally.

Advisor Flow’s platform already provides powerful client onboarding features. Its onboarding questionnaire helps new clients get started with the right advisors in under 10 minutes.

By pairing Flinks’ data connectivity to its platform, Advisor Flow complements these features with the ability to collect transactional and account data instantly, through secure digital channels and with clients’ consent. Data points can be pulled from over 100 financial institutions directly into a client’s financial overview. As a result, advisors can satisfy the onboarding requirements faster, and focus on building personalized plans based on an accurate and complete picture of their clients’ finances.

Advisor Flow is evaluating integrations with a number of leading financial planning and CRM tools to further streamline the financial planning process, committing to their vision of an integrated, digital financial planning process.

“I have been successfully using Advisor Flow for the onboarding questionnaire and financial overview information collection. The integration with Flinks makes that process much smoother for clients. Thinking down the road as we continually update a client’s financial position, the integration will continue to reduce friction and enhance the experience”. Darren Milne, Principal of Westerly Wealth & Insurance Advisors.

“We’re thrilled to give advisors the tools they need to stay one step ahead of their competition, by creating the smoothest client onboarding experience possible”, shares Brandon Chapman, Founder of Advisor Flow “Ultimately, our aim is to help more Canadians benefit from the personalized approach and coaching of an independent financial advisor, without the need to go to a physical office”.

“With this partnership, Advisor Flow makes open finance accessible to any independent financial advisor, with concrete positive impacts for themselves and their clients,” says Brock Leong, Director of Global Partnerships at Flinks. This is a strong signal that digitization isn’t just for tech startups.”