Queen Bee Capital (QBC) and Nium join forces to enhance cross-border payments from Japan


Global payments and card issuance leader Nium and Japanese payments company Queen Bee Capital (QBC) have partnered to enhance international transfer offerings for both corporate and individual QBC customers across Japan.

Through this partnership, QBC will tap into Nium’s advanced pay-out capability to provide real-time1, cost-efficient, and transparent cross-border payment solutions from Japan with 30 currencies to over 200 countries and regions, including the United States, Australia, SingaporeBangladesh, the UK, Europe and Latin America (ArgentinaBrazilChileUruguayPeruMexico and Columbia).

Nium’s Chief Revenue Officer, Frederick Crosby, said, “We are delighted to announce our partnership with Queen Bee Capital, one of Nium’s first partners in Japan. Our platform will enable QBC to provide its customers with seamless real-time payment services to more countries and regions around the world.”

Queen Bee Capital’s President, Shenbo Huang, said, “Nium is the established global leader in overseas payments. By integrating with their platform, we’re easily able to cost-effectively reach more corners of the world – most in real-time. We look forward to expanding our relationship in the future.”

Nium’s pay-out capability enables QBC to provide:

  • Seamless B2B, P2P, B2P and P2B cross-border payments for customers in multiple currencies
  • Access to multiple real-time payment corridors
  • Instant, speedy settlements

Suning Financial Services (Hong Kong) and Nium Launch E-commerce Corporate Cards for Hong Kong Businesses


Suning Financial Services (Hong Kong) has recently joined forces with Nium, a global provider of payments and card issuance services, to issue Visa corporate cards for companies in Hong Kong. The corporate cards enable global e-commerce transactions and settlement.

Driven by digitalisation and globalisation, the cross-border payment industry has grown rapidly, accelerating the rise of e-commerce payment card businesses. Currently, e-commerce payment cards are widely used across various business scenarios, such as social search engine advertising, shop rent debits, and buyer shopping payments for overseas e-commerce businesses, bringing a more flexible and efficient digital experience to companies. This Visa Corporate card, jointly created by Suning Financial and Nium, will focus on cross-border e-commerce, advertising and promotion, and other trending fields.

Suning Financials’ General Manager for Cross-border Payments, He Zhong said, “This partnership will enable transactions to be fully safeguarded for convenience and security, thanks to high-quality merchant resources, a strong global clearing network and risk control system, as well as the advanced technical service capabilities of each party.”

Nium’s Chief Revenue Officer, Frederick Crosby, added, “This partnership with Suning Financial is yet another example of how our payment and card issuance services can truly empower global businesses. Like Suning Financial, we believe that virtual cards with multicurrency payment capabilities are the future of e-commerce – and we’re proud to make this a reality for businesses across Hong Kong.”

Users can apply for the corporate cards online and enjoy global multi-currency payment services. This is a breakthrough solution, considering the limitations of traditional physical cards in terms of media and payment scenarios. The solution is also expected to bring new growth opportunities for Suning Financials’ cross-border payment business.

Suning Financial will leverage Nium’s global ecosystem for cross-border payments. Based on its financial capacity and O2O online-to-offline omni-channel business advantages, Suning Financial will continue to improve the interaction between its supply chain and payment business, provide customers with more complete financial solutions, achieve sustainable product and brand development, accelerate the globalisation of cross-border payments, and expand China’s technological and inclusive financial services to more countries and regions.


Orenda Partners with Nium to enable embedded finance solutions globally


Embedded financial services platform Orenda today announced it joined forces with global payments and card issuance leader Nium in a partnership that will see Orenda leverage Nium’s BaaS (Banking-as-a-Service) API suite, to provide a no code, end-to-end serverless banking infrastructure for their clients.

Through this partnership, Orenda can offer pay outs to 190+ countries in 100 currencies, pay-ins to 35 markets, as well as card issuing capabilities in multiple countries. Orenda will be exposed to larger markets, creating an extended platform for its clients, who are looking to offer more diverse financial services across a variety of different industries and geographies.

“Being the first company to go live with Nium in the UK and Europe for full stack BaaS products, demonstrates our commitment and dedication to providing a truly innovative, borderless and global solution. Partnering with Nium has enabled us to cover more ground and rapidly expand our services by adding a broader product range for our clients. Currently, products and solutions include full stack BaaS, as well as virtual and physical card issuing. These solutions have enabled Orenda to bring a no code embedded financial services product to the market quick and easy,” said Joshua Vittori, Managing Director at Orenda.

Nium’s BaaS platform empowers Orenda to offer a superior one-stop-shop of embeddable financial services elements, using innovative features and components that are configurable to clients’ needs and expectations.

“We are delighted to partner with Orenda to enhance their portfolio of products and we strongly believe that with this partnership we have created a formidable team in the world of embedded finance. Our shared values and dedication to our clients will bring no code seamless embedded financial services to businesses pursuing global ambitions,” said Frederick Crosby, Chief Revenue Officer at Nium.