UTS College introduces new pathway to Law degree.


UTS College has developed two new pathway options to Bachelor of Laws at UTS. Starting from the Spring 2022 UTS intake, students studying Diploma of Business or Diploma of Communication at UTS College can choose to articulate to Bachelor of Laws at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) with credits towards their degree.

Why choose Law at UTS?

The UTS Law school is highly regarded, ranking in the world’s top 100 and 7th in Australia by the QS Rankings by Subject 2021. Graduates are sought after for their problem-solving, collaborative skills, and lateral thinking ability. In fact, 92.1 percent of UTS Law students have jobs within four months of completing their course.[i]

New Legal Futures and Technology major

This new major, an Australian first, places UTS at the intersection of Law and technology. It equips graduates for careers that require a capacity to work with technology, innovation, and new laws arising as a result of unprecedented change and disruptive technologies. The next generation of lawyers, company secretaries, and compliance professionals need to be ready for AI, automation, and machine learning and their impact on traditional professions. This major will prepare graduates for a world of smart contracts, blockchain and other developments of the fourth industrial revolution.

New developments in legal studies

According to Grace Li, Associate Professor, UTS Faculty of Law, the legal profession offers rich opportunities to many different kinds of students despite some common misunderstandings. She says:

“In the past 10-20 years, law study has made a big shift from formal, closed-book exams to skills-based training, developing skills of communication, critical analysis, and cross-cultural understanding. You certainly don’t have to memorise every law. Another misconception is that you have to be a talented public speaker. The profession is diverse and accommodates different personalities and skill sets, from solicitors examining contracts to barristers arguing in a courtroom. There is space for personal career development according to personality.”

A career edge for international students

Professor Li encourages international students to study law in Australia. She says:

“To work in a top-tier international law firm it’s necessary to understand more than one legal industry. We live in a globalised world and studying an overseas legal system is smart when you consider 80 percent of legal industry work comes from international businesses with international clients. Law admission in Australia is also less complex than in many other countries, without the need for an exam.”

More opportunity for UTS College students

Tim Laurence, UTS College Dean of Studies is enthusiastic about the new pathway. He says:

“It’s exciting to see even more options opening for graduates from UTS College. As the demand for legal professionals increases, there are bright prospects for students who choose this path. I know their experiences at UTS College will give them the skills, knowledge, and confidence to thrive in their chosen degree.”