Imperium Technology Group commenced the project of “METASENSE Universe”; The first metaverse NFT game “METASNAKE” now open for NFT application


Imperium Technology Group Limited (“the Company”, or “Imperium Technology”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”, HKSE stock code: 0776) is pleased to announce the Group is developing a mega meta-universe game world for global players, under the name “METASENSE Universe” (“METASENSE”). Multiple metaverse Non-Fungible Token (“NFT”) games will be launched quarterly. Players can apply for limited NFT Ancient Spirit equipment for METASNAKE, the first METASENSE game, starting today. METASNAKE is expected to be online in 2022 Q1.

METASENS is a cosmic amusement park with different themed planets, each with its own unique game facilities featuring real-time strategy, role-playing, simulation and sports, action and adventure, etc. METASENS is developed with Web 3.0 future internet technology, including blockchain technology, Internet of Things (“IoT”), artificial intelligence, and 3D images.

Various NFT games, marking a new milestone in the global gaming metaverse

The Group targets to launch metaverse NFT games at an unprecedented quarterly pace, marking a milestone in the global gaming metaverse. METASNAKE, the Group’s first METASENS game, has established an exclusive partnership with, an NFT curating expert. Application for participating in the purchase of the first batch of METASNAKE Ancient Spirit equipment is opened to the public today. By drawing lots or joining social media activities, players in the whitelist will be able to obtain the Premium First Purchase Rights. In addition, staking with Ethereum (ETH) will start on 11 December. There will be a total of 5,000 NFT Ancient Spirit equipment of METASNAKE up for grabs, and the game is expected to be officially launched in 2022 Q1.

METASENS to launch a multi-IP amusement park concept 

In the future, METASENS will invite game-owners or IP-owners from all over the world to join in building an open metaverse ecosystem. Through blockchain technology, each partner could have its own planet. Together with the players in the METASENS, they could create an editable 3D open-world, HOLOSENS, allowing players to shape their exemplary characters within a virtual world, enriching users’ experience by interacting with other players.

To expedite the development of METASENS, the Group has invested in Otey Gaming Pte. Ltd., a dedicated development and operation company, to recruit talents from all around Asia to oversee the overall business development of METASENS. The team includes veteran game producers, who have developed multi-million dollar mobile games and MMORPGs worldwide, numerous award-winning game artists, and professional programmers. In addition, the Group has also recruited talents from the key research and development team that was one of the top 10 blockchain technology companies in Asia in 2020 by APAC CIO Outlook, a well-known digital and print publication that provides technology review and solutions for enterprises.

Mr. Lee Chia-hsien, Chief Digital Officer of the Group said, “The METASENS resembles a huge amusement park in space with a variety of themed planets and gaming facilities. We will construct various different ecological planets: some with highly competitive battle games and role-playing; some with horse racing and farm operation, etc. In METASENS, everyone can find their ideal world.”

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