Navan Digital announces expansion to UK & Ireland with new rich stream of software engineering talent


Navan Digital, a software engineering specialist in digital identity, digital transformation and blockchain based technology for the new digital economy, today announced the opening of its UK & Ireland operations with a focus on delivering software engineering capacity to UK & Ireland based financial institutions, Capital Market firms, FinTechs, and their resourcing partners.

Navan Digital Group has acquired OutsourceCentral doo Beograd-Palilula of Serbia, which has a highly-impressive track record in providing remote development teams to an international client base from its development centres in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

Serbia has a deep tradition of excellence in engineering and science. Recent year educational reforms have created a rich stream of software engineering talent, with over 3,300 software engineers graduating every year. Building on its acquired base, Navan Digital has begun a highly selective and ambitious recruitment drive in Serbia to attract additional top-quality software engineers to work as managed teams for UK & Ireland based financial sector clients.

Ken King, Managing Partner at Navan Digital, said: “We are pleased to join the board to drive an international expansion of these managed teams of software engineers, with a focus on the global financial sector. We recognise this rich stream of top-quality software engineering talent and are building significant additional capacity to support UK & Ireland financial sector clients with remote managed teams to accelerate their critical digital transformation projects.”

Jason Mochine, Managing Partner at Navan Digital, said: “Investment in UK FinTechs soared in the first half of 2021, we want to help these companies achieve their ambitions by offering dedicated software engineering teams to provide development and testing resources. We have identified Serbia as a centre of excellence for quality engineering talent and a top location for R&D and blockchain based product development.”