Jay Rasik Modi Nominated for the Google & CNBA Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2022


British Canadian Entrepreneur & Founder, Jay Rasik Modi has been nominated for the Entrepreneur of the Year award, presented by Google and the Canadian National Business Awards for 2022.

“Thank you to Google and the Canadian National Business Awards. Growing a business in the past few years has not been easy given the global pandemic and economic conditions, so I am ever grateful for the recognition and am happy to accept the nomination,” says Jay.

Jay has been an entrepreneur since before his teens. Having borrowed money from his father to start his very first commercial business in 2000, manufacturing organic pasta well ahead of the Organic food movement. From there Jay dabbled into real estate, “fixing and flipping” small homes. Jay subsequently dropped out of the University of Calgary after attending for 6 months and went on to create a successful real estate business, until 2010 when he expanded the asset management side of his skill set and focused on that industry, raising funds to purchase mortgage-backed securities. During that time Jay also established offices in Paramount Studios, Los Angeles, CA, and was the Executive Producer of twelve movies, some of which became highly popular and are currently streamed on Netflix. Fast forward to today, Jay has invested in and helped build many of Canada’s top performing Financial Technology (FinTech) Platforms and continues to stay focused on the FinTech space where he sees massive growth and opportunity over the next few years.

“The opportunity in FinTech is as big as it ever was,” says Jay. “With the onset of Artificial Intelligence, the outsourcing of employees and the pace at which paid media and organic SEO can be ranked, the opportunity for Tech companies to position themselves correctly is endless. I see a decade or more of intense and focused growth potential at the very least for tech-based firms. Beyond that I will leave to your imagination, but Tech doesn’t stop, and it will continue to evolve and revolutionize the way we all do business, and the way consumers interact with companies and each other,” says Jay.


Jay Rasik Modi Wins the Business Excellence Award for Founding the Best FinTech Online Platforms in Canada


Calgary based businessman, Jay Modi has been awarded the Business Excellence Award for 2020 for the founding of some of Canada’s top online FinTech Platforms.

“Thank you to AI Global for this award, I appreciate the recognition and award”. says Jay. “Today’s business environment is ever more competitive, so this award is welcomed and received with thanks and gratitude to all the people collectively that have worked towards building this within our group” says Jay Modi, recipient of the Award.

Jay Modi has been involved in multiple industries through his journey in the business world and like many founders & entrepreneurs, has experienced wins and losses in his strive for a solid business foundation and diversity amongst the businesses he owns. In speaking with Jay, it is clear that he has learnt a multitude of aspects when it comes to the complicated world of business over the past few years that not even a decade at a university or college could have taught him what he has experienced in the real word of business.

“I dropped out of University within my first 6 months” says Jay. “For me, it just wasn’t the right fit, I needed to jump right into business and make my own mistakes. I was self-taught and read multiple books on business and innovation. I consistently spoke to people that had made it in business and at a young age I made it a mandate to surround myself with older, smarter business people to absorb their advice and wisdom, then I just dived right into the real world and rolled with the punches “says Jay.

Jay has continued to stick to his commitments to all the people that have supported him in the past and has a bright future ahead of him in the Technology and Fintech sector, having helped build the sales and revenue division for some of Canada’s Top Fintech Platforms.

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