Propertiq’s PVO: Property Value Offering Launches Across MENA


As a first-of-its-kind in the blockchain world, the team at Propertiq heads full force into the MENA region. The founding team is comprised of various industry-experts who recognise how progressive the public & private sectors are in locations like United Arab EmiratesQatarSaudi ArabiaKuwaitOman, and Iraq. Propertiq’s business model is called PVO: Property Value Offering, which is an out-of-box form of financing commercial real-estate projects that optimise returns to investors.

“We’ve built an eco-system that has combined some of the most reliable yet rewarding sectors in the market today despite the pandemic — commercial real-estate, blockchain, and affiliate marketing; all coming together to form something unique which is why we’ve taken the liberty to deem Propertiq’s business model, the world’s first PVO: Property Value Offering,” said Mr. Othman Mohammad Saleh, CEO of Propertiq.

Unlike Security Token Offerings (STOs) or REITs that focus primarily on fractional ownership, Propertiq tokenises the commercial value of a property’s benefits across sectors like Hospitality, F&B, & Offices. The platform is an autonomous, transparent facilitator for anybody who’s dreamt of investing into real-estate opportunities that ordinarily wouldn’t be within reach due to financial & geographical limitations.

Despite the pronounced effect that COVID-19 has had on global markets in 2020, the team at Propertiq believes that the pandemic has accelerated the mindset of beneficiary growth versus ownership in the minds of investors today. Through proprietary tokenomics & intricate smart-contracts, Propertiq’s investors are free to invest any amount, at whichever ratio, no matter how big or small in order to gain as beneficiaries, not owners from not just one commercial property’s gain, but several.

“We believe that most of today’s generations (Gen Y & Z) aren’t excited by the idea of “owning” something in the traditional sense any more. The world has become such an unpredictable yet connected place that people value freedom to be mobile as opposed to being tied down to an investment or a place nowadays. People would rather put in a thousand dollars into a hundred projects as opposed to putting a hundred thousand into just one now” added Ms. Kinda Jordi, VP Strategy (MENA).

With global ambitions, Propertiq’s core model is all about working hand in hand with various franchisees & operators in different parts of the world so that more can benefit from the potential of PVOs.

Propertiq’s MENA presence is spearheaded from Dubai in strategic partnership with the office of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Ahmad Al Maktoum – Investment. The Co-founders of Propertiq are strong advocates of community, which is why they built the PVO business model, so that it may further democratise the property investors of tomorrow in the most accessible and transparent manner possible. While Propertiq’s baseline offerings revolve around the PVO, the team has already modelled out an entire roadmap that will progressively evolve the brand into a full-fledge, autonomous ecosystem that allows more than just crypto-investment yield.

“We’re also going to be launching our own DeFi protocol here at Propertiq by mid February 2021. Short for Decentralised Finance; we want the world to see how Propertiq DeFi can augment the trust factor within the property sectors globally by taking it one step further beyond conventional distributed ledger technology (DLT). We are going to be emphasising on real-world use cases, assets, & applications like rental, lending, and escrow mechanisms very soon too,” said Irfan Nadaffi, VP Operations (MENA).