Ameritas Selects Docupace as mBack Office Platfor


Docupace, the leader in cloud-based fintech digital operations software for the wealth management industry, announces a new relationship with Ameritas, a Lincoln, Nebraska-based insurance, employee benefits and financial services company to digitally enhance its back office operations and deliver across-the-board efficiencies for its affiliated financial professionals.

“It’s a sensational day when two companies like Ameritas and Docupace come together to improve efficiency and expand client access to much-needed financial advice,” says David Knoch, Docupace Chief Executive Officer. “Ameritas’ mission to fulfill life aligns with ours at Docupace – to democratize the capabilities of digital financial advice.”

Scheduled for deployment in 2021, Docupace joins other game-changing technologies like Orion, which Ameritas selected as its client portal. The Docupace Platform will enhance the day-to-day operations of Ameritas financial professionals, home office staff and administrative personnel. The cloud-based platform will facilitate brokerage, advisory and direct business by integrating with key custodial partners. Docupace is forecasted to significantly reduce the administrative burden on team members and decrease NIGO rates. In addition, Ameritas will be leveraging Docupace’s proprietary Tracker technology to facilitate FORM CRS delivery and fulfill new Reg BI regulations.

Ameritas will also utilize Docupace’s Advisor Transitions Platform to automate and expedite incoming transitions for professionals joining Ameritas. This unique capability minimizes business disruptions and has the potential to shorten the transition process to as little as 30 days.

The implementation of the Docupace Platform will help save costs by eliminating duplicate processes and the reprocessing of paperwork. Ameritas field offices and OSJs (Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction) will also be granted access to the Docupace Platform.

“Docupace is helping Ameritas to provide our financial professionals with the technology to help meet the needs of their customers.,” said Kurt Shallow, Senior Vice President – Agency and Advisor Distribution and Ameritas Investment Company, LLC President. “This software allows Ameritas to streamline our internal processes while also strengthening our wealth management strategy.”