Dain Leaders to conduct a PoC of blockchain technology of its International Student Matching Platform


Dain Leaders, a global leader in the blockchain edu-tech industry, has announced that it performed a proof of concept of the blockchain technology behind its international student matching platform.

The blockchain PoC is a project run by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency(NIPA). Dain Leaders performed the blockchain PoC of its digital history management platform for foreign students, which is expected to lower the administrative burdens associated with confirming the authenticity of documents during the admission process and to increase the reliability of the admission process.

In the past few years, the number of students interested in studying in Korean universities has rapidly increased. Indeed, a study found that there were 160,000 students from 180 nations enrolled in Korean language or bachelor’s degree programs in Korean universities as of this year, indicating the intense competition.

However, there have been recent cases in which the international students submit false or forged documents to work illegally, causing higher education institutions including universities to look for solutions. Moreover, due to COVID-19, many schools are experiencing financial hardship related to the decreased number of students and tuition freezes, creating cases in which school employees serving as brokers for illegal employment.

These problems can be solved by the digital history management platform for foreign students. By comparing the original files that are recorded as hash values on the blockchain and the files that are submitted from the universities for a review, the file’s authenticity can be confirmed.

Moreover, as the untact processing is increasing in the education industry, the platform is expected to serve as the new access point for the administrative tasks that were previously performed in-person.

“This blockchain PoC is to provide the solution for managing foreign student’s history and to reliably certify the documents. Even after this PoC, we plan to advance our technology by reflecting the feedback from its users including foreign students, the educational institutes, and the educational consulting firms,” said Lim Moo-ho, the CEO of Dain Leaders.

Dain Leaders is an edu-tech company that is leading the global education industry with its untact and big-data technology. It is dedicated to developing optimized and customer centered systems in various industries including domestic and international educational centers and corporations.