Evercity launches sustainability measurement and investment platform at COP26


COP26 – Evercity launched a digital platform for sustainability measurement and investment at the UN Climate Change Global Innovation Hub at COP26 in Glasgow. The platform streamlines end-to-end sustainable finance lifecycle making it easier, cheaper and more transparent for both issuers and investors. The main goal of Evercity platform is to make sustainable finance more accessible to SMEs in developing countries. 

Sustainable finance is a $15 trillion market showing significant growth amid the climate crisis. However, it is still not accessible to the most in need – SMEs from developing countries. They don’t have enough knowledge and resources to issue sustainable finance. At the same time sustainable investors don’t have access to real impact data and are exposed to greenwashing.

Evercity is solving these problems by providing a one-stop shop to automate and simplify the whole sustainable finance journey. The platform integrates monitoring tools (IoT sensors and satellites) to collect physical ESG risk and impact data. The raw data is being refined according to global standards and stored on the low-carbon blockchain to ensure its ultimate transparency and immutability.

The in-house built Sustainable Finance Protocol enables 10x times cost reduction and increase of issuance speed. It provides for the issuance of fully traceable sustainable assets on the blockchain: bonds, loans, carbon credits. The platform also allows EU Taxonomy screening of companies and portfolios, green finance framework creation, and automatic reporting on sustainable assets.

Liza Romanova, Evercity founder and COO:

With my co-founder Alexey, we have been jointly working for over 10-years on developing digital innovations for global corporate sustainability leaders. We have been collaborating with the UN since 2017, when we made possible the world’s first carbon credit transaction on the blockchain. This experience was used by Evercity to make sustainable finance as simple, cost-efficient and transparent as it has never been.