Goldpac Group Promote the super SIM card listed in Macau


A new generation of SIM card products – the SuperSIM was recently launched by China Telecom (Macau). The SuperSIM utilizes financial-grade security microprocessors developed by Guoxin Micro and receives technical support from Goldpac Group (0335.HK), a leader in financial IC cards.

After obtaining the GSMA SAS-UP certification in June 2021, Goldpac Group has begun to rapidly realize its commercial implementation through in-depth cooperation with business partners. These partners effectively demonstrate the efficient business execution of the Goldpac Group and is a testament to the Group’s leading technology position.

The SuperSIM card is a unique SIM card that supports both communication and large-capacity data storage. The SIM card and SD card functions are combined into one. In addition to basic communication functions, the SuperSIM offers the advantages of a large, secure storage, and convenience of data portability. It provides subscribers with expanded storage space, secure data storage, and easy handset migration.

It should be noted that the SuperSIM and Goldpac’s financial IC card products use the same type of secure microprocessor chip. This microprocessor chip has obtained national cryptographic certification, and demonstrates high levels of security. Supported by this finance-level chip technology, the SuperSIM can be innovatively applied to 5G, digital payment, identity authentication, transportation, social security and other use cases enabling broader prospects.

As a leader of IC cards in finance, transportation and social security, Goldpac Group has accumulated a wealth of technical experience and has consolidated its competitive advantages in digital currency, security chips and other resource integration and outstanding service capabilities.  The deployment of the SuperSIM is an important step for Goldpac to extend the technical strength it has gained over the past three decades for its financial IC cards to the field of telecommunications. The launch of the China Telecom (Macao) project confirms that Goldpac Group fully possesses the qualifications and technical strengths required to develop its telecom business. On this basis, Goldpac Group will be able to integrate telecommunications opportunities with its existing business areas. Pushing the integration of multiple applications further and driving product innovation in digital currency, finance, transportation, and social security, which offer great potential in the future.

Especially in the rapidly developing field of digital currency, Goldpac Group has independently developed and launched a series of products such as digital wallets and self-service accounting opening terminals. Starting from the telecom business, the next step is to store digital currencies and other information within a SIM card, leveraging encrypted storage at the chip layer, realizing the safe storage of digital assets, providing identification and authentication security and creating digital currency payment products based on the SuperSIM.

Looking towards the future, Goldpac Group will further promote the multi-application integration development of telecommunications, digital currency, finance, social security, and transportation, providing a powerful boost to the information infrastructure construction of the digital society.