MarsRise Aims to Colonize Mars by Becoming the Next MoonShot of 2021


Investing in crypto is the new norm as it helps people gain knowledge about money and helps them become financially free. This has led to a massive crypto trend which comes with an unforeseen risk attached to it. MarsRise was launched to help investors. MarsRise is a deflationary token found on the Binance Smart Chain, which comes with an automatic liquidity pool growth, and therefore the holder rewards through transaction taxation. The company has done all this to bring a community together on the mission to Mars.

This is a community-driven and equitably launched cryptocurrency. MarsRise also comes with a grand tokenomics. It has automated Liquidity & its Strategic Buyback is distributed to the locked liquidity on every transaction, making MarsRise one of the best in this game. 2% of all their passive income is distributed to all their holders on every transaction. While attracting users, project sustainability is a factor to consider; MarsRise has an impressive 3% enhancements in operations and marketing.

MarsRise was initially supplied with 1 quadrillion tokens, out of which almost fifty percent was burned on deployment, and the other 50% was launched on PancakeSwap. The token is up for grabs on Pancakeswap with a set slippage of 17%. Since the PancakeSwap runs on Binance Smart Chain, that is a blockchain with a much lower transaction cost when compared to bitcoin or Ethereum. Trading fees here are much lower than the other top decentralized exchanges, which dramatically benefits the users in ways comfortable to them. Having the highest trading volumes in the market, PancakeSwap is the leading decentralized exchange on the Binance Smart Chain.

MarsRise has revealed its future endeavors in its roadmap and named the “Roadmap 2021 our way to Mars.” The project has also cleared the overall audit, hence making their contract 100% safe. They have received various certifications and know-how certificates essential to developing trust among their userbase, primarily that deals with crypto investments. Hence, the developers were thorough and ensured the website was safe enough to trust them without having any second thoughts.

MarsRise not only embodies reliability, but it is also user-friendly. The project has many unique endeavors and is on its way to building platforms like its own MarsWallet, followed by an innovative MarsSwap swapping platform in the coming years.

The Crypto Company also has a list of spectacular things planned in its roadmap. In a few weeks, they have planned to list MarsRise on Coingecko, LiveCointWatch, CoinMarketCap. They are planning on a Bsc update on the logo and details. They have also launched their cryptocurrency prices, charts, and market capitalizations. They have top-tier facilities such as Zero Team Allocation, an anti-whale system in action, an Anti-Rug Pull LP Locked, and the project is also fully Audited. They also plan on a long-term project. They also have many more projects to be unlocked.