Martha Stewart Announces the Launch of Her First Audio Storytelling NFT Collection Commemorating Thanksgiving Traditions


Aptly dubbed the “Queen of Thanksgiving” by Time Magazine, world renowned business and cultural icon Martha Stewart will launch her second collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on her NFT boutique This officially licensed, Thanksgiving-themed collection is produced in collaboration with Tokns Commerce, the leading licensee and NFT solutions provider for iconic brands and world-class creators.

Adding to a long list of “Martha Firsts,” Martha Stewart is innovating yet again, producing the first-ever “Storytelling NFT.” This novel NFT format features an audio recording of Martha sharing her earliest Thanksgiving memories and recounting the story of her first, disastrous, Thanksgiving dinner. This humorous account was first published in the debut Thanksgiving edition of Martha Stewart Living magazineThis featured collection will include a signed digital cover from that 1994 Thanksgiving issue, and an audio recording of Martha reading from the very first “Remembering” article included on the last page in Martha Stewart Living, penned by Martha herself.

“Storytelling is a bit of a lost art, so I am thrilled to be bringing it into the world of NFTs just in time for the holidays,” says Martha Stewart. “It was nostalgic for me to re-read my first ‘Remembering’ article from nearly 30 years ago. I enjoyed recounting and recording the story of that first Thanksgiving in my own home, burned turkey and all.”

As an homage to some of the most memorable photographers she has worked with throughout the years, Martha has also curated a collection of 100 unique NFTs that capture the beauty and bounty of this American holiday. Black Friday Shoppers struggling to find new gift ideas, can now purchase gift cards on for the NFT collectors and Martha Stewart fans on your list.

An NFT is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data that is assigned to a digital item such as photos, videos and audio and minted to the blockchain to authenticate ownership.  Blending new technology of the blockchain with modern direct-to-consumer e-commerce practices, Tokns Commerce collaborates with Martha Stewart and Marquee Brands to transform decades of artefacts, photographs and momentous occasions into own-able digital art that celebrates changing seasons, holidays, and other special occasions.

Founder and CEO of Tokns Commerce Jamie Tedford notes; “After selling out her first Halloween NFT collection, Martha has doubled down on the quantity of NFTs while ratcheting up the creativity with this breakthrough “Storytelling NFT” format. is at the forefront of the direct-to-consumer movement, so it should come as no surprise that Martha Stewart is leading the charge to make NFT’s more accessible while building deeper connections with buyers and collectors.

Marquee Brands and Tokns Commerce recognise the imperative of sustainable business practices and are committed to offsetting carbon emissions from this project. Tokns works with partners, including sustainability platform Aerial, to counter carbon emissions with a goal of carbon neutrality.