RS Management Education and Training Services issues digital certificates to graduates via Certif-ID


RS Management Education and Training Services is a Filipino-owned company having operations in the United Arab Emirates and the Philippines. The company aims to empower the next generation of skilled overseas Filipino workers by providing them with world-class consultancy training and certification services.

“We have a long legacy of being at the forefront of taking professionals and their careers to the next level with our competency-based training curriculum,” said Roque Senga at RS Management Education and Training Services. “We were looking for a way to present our learners in a better light and wanted our candidates to stand out from the crowd, having a better chance at landing a job.”

To showcase students in a positive light, RS Management Education and Training Services chose Certif-ID. Through the Certif-ID platform, they are issuing verifiable digital certificates that convey the value of their training programs and graduates effectively.

“RS Management Education and Training Services wanted to support graduates in finding employment. And Certif-ID did exactly this by enabling them to issue digital certificates on blockchain,” said Michael Wild, Director, Certif-ID. “Their graduates can now confidently apply for jobs globally knowing that their digital certificates will act as proof of their skills.”