Monty Mobile rescues Gambian Mobile Operator, Comium


Monty Mobile, a leading innovative telecom solutions provider, intervened to save the Gambian Mobile Operator, Comium, holding it from a permanent close down.

After thorough negotiations and mediations, Monty Mobile achieved a healthy and peaceful financial and legal reconciliation between Comium and the Gambian authorities. It has finalized a full debt restructuring in addition to a settlement of all unresolved fees for both years 2020 and 2021, along with safeguarding a source of living for more than 150 families.

Comium will proceed its operations under Monty Mobile’s investment expertise and consultancy proficiency. Monty Mobile aims to upgrade Comium’s existing network with groundbreaking technology by providing subscribers with advanced products and solutions, paving the way towards 5G networks technology. This step will support the progress of Monty Mobile’s mission towards integration of the world’s community integration.

Will Monty Mobile succeed in this substantial transformation? We will watch its journey closely for updates.