AsiaPay and Moonland Metaverse join hands to step into a new business payment model of Web 3.0


AsiaPay, a leading payment service system provider in Asia, has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Moonland Metaverse, taking full advantage of the new business model based on Web 3.0. AsiaPay is helping its various Asian merchants embrace the new experience of selling, socializing and making money while playing in the post-Instagram era.

Moonland Metaverse is committed to building a diversified metaverse business solution

Moonland Metaverse is committed to building an easy-to-use and diversified metaverse, with web browsing as the main platform. Individual players or business users can also enter by purchasing one of the 5555 limited real estate NFTs issued by Moonland Metaverse on the Solana blockchain, giving users their own private, customizable space. In addition, NFT holders can invite friends to enter the exclusive space for text or voice chat, and the interactive mode is easy-to-use and direct.

Technology, business and enterprises are actively transforming AsiaPay’s deployment in the Metaverse

Moonland Metaverse is using Solana and its web-based platform as its early positioning, and will actively develop technology and commercial projects such as the AsiaPay headquarters, Metaverse mall, and payment platform. Among them, AsiaPay’s headquarters in Moonland Metaverse will open in the early summer of this year, which is expected to become the new social and business gathering point. It will attract users to participate in various online communication activities, and to understand AsiaPay’s business opportunities from a new perspective, which is vastly different from traditional social platforms and media.

Additionally, AsiaPay is also working with Moonland to develop B2B business tools and models, allowing existing e-commerce merchants (e-commerce) to easily transform into meta-commerce. Moonland Metaverse’s three-dimensional space design and NFT trend elements have prompted many merchants who are interested in enhancing their image or reaching out to the new generation of consumers to take the initiative to inquire. Its commercial characteristics is to strengthen the sales scene, use virtual social space as attraction, product display and sales as a reality, enhance the interest and purchase intention of potential buyers, coupled with cryptocurrency-led payment. This may form a new generation of young people’s online shopping habits. At the same time, with Set Sail Venture, we plan to develop the A.I. answering function, and will add the function this year to assist the daily sales of virtual stores.

At present, Moonland Metaverse has started to develop Metaverse headquarters for more than 50 NFT projects together with branded merchants. They are also issuing their own token Moonland Stardust ($MLS). AsiaPay is actively looking into adding $MLS as a payment option to its PayDollar payment system to increase the usage of $MLS tokens.

“We are very honored to be cooperating with the long-awaited Moonland Metaverse on this project,” said Joseph Chan, CEO of AsiaPay, “Web 3.0 is the future trend of the Internet. Cryptocurrencies will have a bigger impact on the future more than the Internet. It will be more far-reaching, and this will create a new global digital economy, and even give birth to a new business distribution model and industry alliance community that may generate a large number of innovations from the bottom up. Every new era has a new group of leaders, and actively grasps the era. It is AsiaPay’s relentless mission to provide our merchants and customers with the most cutting-edge and innovative payment technology.”