Curtain Falls on MIAM’s “Dream Space: New Wave in the Metaverse” NFT Art Exhibition


The Metaverse Industry Association Macau (“MIAM“)’s first NFT exhibition, “Dream Space: New Wave in the Metaverse” (“the Exhibition“), wrapped up on 12 June. Debuted on 1 May at Lisboeta Macau’s H853 Fun Factory, the city’s first ever physical NFT exhibition greeted visitors with 37 artworks from the world’s notable artists and IPs.

Mr. Thomas Aofounder and President of MIAM, said, “Metaverse and NFTs were probably not on most people’s radar until just a year ago and now we are talking about Web3.0 and other revolutionizing themes – to some extent, we are presenting the future to people via this exhibition.”

The exhibition has featured 37 artworks from famed artists and IPs that included Macau’s own Álvaro Barbosa, Andreas Ivan (courtesy of Mr. Arnaldo Ho), BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club), CryptoPunks (both courtesy of, David Yuan and Ting Song. The event also consisted video screenings from We Are What We Eat, a performance art feast for all five senses and the world’s only edible NFT dining experience (created by André Chiang), as well as METASENS, a large-scale metaverse theme park backed by Imperium Technology Group Limited (00776.HK). Meanwhile, visitors were invited to experience the fun of creating avatars and architecture at the Sandbox workshop, while the exhibition showcased multiple Sandbox creators’ works. The exhibition was curated by Mr. Cai Guojie, former Visual-Art instructor from Macau Art Museum.

“MIAM launched the first NFT exhibition in Macau because we want to initiate the metaverse conversation, probably demystify this space for some, and provide a platform for the likeminded in the region. The exhibition has marked a successful end, but it is the beginning of our mission, as we launch more initiatives to boost innovations and education.” Mr. Ao continued.

Earlier during the exhibition, MIAM hosted two online panel discussions that looked at some of the most trending topics, such as the relationships between web 3.0, NFTs, and the metaverse. The discussions were joined by representatives from industry players including The Sandbox and Beats by DRE.

In another effort to propel regional innovations, MIAM has set up a HK$1,000,000 Macau-exclusive creator’s grant fund that asks creators to create Macau-themed avatars, buildings, and games in The Sandbox.

“We would like to express our gratitude towards the visitors who came to our exhibition, H853 Fun Factory, Mr. Cai, all the participating artists and collectors who generously lent their art. We would not have been able to create a ‘Dream Space’ without their unwavering support. This is also an example of how we mobilize our resources to facilitate metaverse and NFT talk in the region.” Mr. Ao added.