P2vest Technology Limited, today announced that its peer-to-peer lending application, P2Vest has hit 100,000 users with access to quick loans. This achievement underscores the organisations’ role in transforming the way people access credit and lend money by bringing borrowers and lenders together.

The foremost peer-to- peer lending platform has over the past 15 months used technology to serve its users with quick disbursement of loans and flexible payback plan. To bridge the gap of access, P2Vest connects authorized lenders with borrowers, while helping them take control of their debt, grow their businesses, and invest for the future.

According to the Founder and CEO of P2vest Technology, Mr Austin Abolusoro, ”Our goal at P2vest is to build a platform that delivers on ease of access to credit while also building a credit history. Our approach is different, we are using Artificial Intelligence to ensure credit worthy Nigerians have access to quick loans. Since we launched, we have provided access to quick loans to over 105,000 Nigerians. This is a big achievement for us as we have availed people the chance to access loans for their different needs like setting up of businesses, house renovations, Car loans, paying rent, school loan, medical bills on the platform faster and without delay. While also creating an opportunity for people to borrow more as long as they continue to pay back.”

The fast rise of fintech Industries and massive digital transformation in the provision of financial services has brought about the sharing economy- a new model of consumption, sharing, collaboration between individuals of goods, services, resources, with or without monetary exchanges via dedicated platforms. With the adoption of the sharing economy technology by businesses, the model which has grown in leaps and bounds allows for the peer-to-peer economy to thrive as they cut out the role of third parties. Users on P2Vest can borrow money and also lend to others and make some interest.