WEMIX PLAY’s First Fan Token MYRTLE exceeds 100m USD in market cap


MYRTLE, the first Fan Token on WEMIX PLAY, exceeded 100m USD in market cap just one day after its minting.

Minted by the famous Philippines actress/blockchain game streamer Myrtle Sarrosa on the global no 1 blockchain gaming platform WEMIX PLAY, its initial price was 1WEMIX$ and market cap was 1000WEMIX$ on 27th Jan.

As of 1st Feb, it was traded at 13.6WEMIX$ and the market cap grew to 109m WEMIX$.

Fan Token is a new way for fans to support creators using blockchain technology. A performance-based tokenomics connects creators’ popularity with the rise of their tokens’ value, and both creators and fans can benefit from the result.

Users can buy and hold Fan Token to support their favourite creators. And creators get to manage their own Fan Tokens, minted by a high-water mark method. They can monetize it, share it with fans via airdrop, or use it for many activities including fan meetings and direct support to the communities.

High-water mark method, unlike usual tokenomics which automatically mint new tokens regularly, mints new tokens only when its 24-hour average price exceeds previous average price.

WEMIX will continue to collaborate with other creators to expand the Fan Token-based digital economy fan community ecosystem.

More information can be found on WEMIX PLAY official website. https://wemixplay.com/fan-token