Nick Knight’s SHOWstudio NFT Collection “ikon-1” Sets the Standard for Fashion in the Metaverse


Nick Knight, one of the world’s most celebrated fashion photographers, and founder and director of SHOWstudio, is finally bringing his long-standing digital fashion editorial process to the blockchain this fall with an innovative NFT drop. Knight is pushing the boundaries of image-making with genre-defining, photorealistic avatars in collaboration with model and Instagram star Jazzelle Zanaughtti, better known by their social media moniker @Uglyworldwide.

These collectable artworks feature digital fashion, make-up, hair, and nails by a cohort of over 40 innovators, degens, and mavericks at the forefront of fashion’s digital future, personally curated by Knight and Zanaughitti. The collection features over 200 unique traits that have been produced to create 8,000 one-of-a-kind artworks styled by Zanaughtti, further allowing them authorship over their image and personal style while preparing each avatar for its editorial debut in the metaverse.

Nick Knight is one of the earliest adopters of 3D scanning, bringing subjects and fashion into the virtual realm as early as 1998, just before he launched SHOWstudio. With 3D collaborations with icons like Kanye, Bjork, and Lady Gaga, and fashion brands including Burberry and Margiela, Knight is, unsurprisingly, leading the way in bringing fashion imagery to the blockchain.

Over 40 exceptional creatives have contributed to this radical new form of fashion image-making. From digital native fashion designers such as Tribute Brand and Scarlett Yang to rising star Nusi Quero. In addition to make-up looks created by Zanaughitti, the project features collaborations with legendary hairstylist Eugene Souleiman, world-renowned nail artist Marian Newman, and long-time SHOWstudio collaborator digital artist Tom Wandrag.

Once minted, each ikon-1 will also have its own personal homepage with expanded views of your NFTs. This page will act as your gateway to SHOWstudio’s future Web3 fashion programming, providing early access to upcoming projects and drops. Holding an ikon-1 is the only way to secure access to fashion’s digital future.

“My aim is to make SHOWstudio into a virtual space where you can come interact in a meaningful and entertaining way. And this project is the first step towards that.”

–  Nick Knight