PayerMax makes its Southeast Asia debut at Singapore Fintech Festival 2022


PayerMax, an omni-method global payments solution supporting more than 350 local payment methods across Southeast Asia, South Asia,  MENA and LATAM, made its Asia debut at the Singapore Fintech Festival earlier this month. Sharing the stage with key fintech players like Ant Group, GCash, and Coinbase, PayerMax shared expertise from its strategic playbook on post-covid cross border payments and navigating diverse regulatory landscapes.

Singapore Fintech Festival made its first return as an in-person event since the pandemic, with attendees belonging to key sectors like finance institutions, fintech solutions providers, blockchain, higher education and even policy makers and more. This year, along with SFF’s theme of  ‘Building Resilient Business Models amid Volatility and Change’, PayerMax spoke on the evolving digital habits of consumers spurred by the pandemic and how to be future ready. They highlighted that collaboration is the key to shaping the future of digital payments, especially stressing on the need for public and private sectors to work together in the ecosystem.

At a regional level, the digital payments landscape in Southeast Asia is expected to reach US$1.5 trillion by 2030, underscoring the saliency of cashless, contactless, and cross-border payments. Online businesses have mushroomed across Southeast Asia which has made it imperative for the governments to set up a digital payments infrastructure that ensures a safe, secure and reliable ecosystem for all. Leveraging on its partners across Southeast Asia and around the world, PayerMax intends to drive the industry forward by powering businesses to seize opportunities for growth within as well as beyond borders.

“Today, 6 in 10 Southeast Asians remain underbanked or unbanked. Technology is opening doors to newer solutions to enable financial inclusion and we expect to see the digital transformation of banking only grow with time,” says Rinkesh Sharma, Regional Director for PayerMax. “The on-going payments revolution has given way to growth opportunities for microbusinesses and SMEs. But to establish a secure and reliable digital payment ecosystem, collaboration is key. ”

PayerMax empowers global merchants to achieve borderless growth, by providing a full-stack solution where localized payment methods are accepted at scale, within a highly secure, robust and compliant environment.