Peach Farmer changes the face of media with NFT’s


Peach Farmer is the world’s first video production company that uses NFT as an entry ticket to a PG13 web show (Squid Games with adult industry performers) while the rest of the community decide how the show is made using Peach Coins, the platform currency.

Peach Farmer aims to create a new entertainment process where the community is at the center of the making. NFT becomes the ticket to participate but also the coin to produce.

The wider mission it to create wealth by making Peach Stars mainstream influencers, increasing massively their value and by extension Peach Farmer’s. The difference between the adult industry and the mainstream influencers is exposition. With the program, the peach coins invested in the company projects (merchandising, products, applications,…) will multiply in value for the community and allow investors to earn royalties.

To win the ticket to the Web show, Peach Farmer created a collectible game. Every digital card represents one ticket. Peach Farmer algorithm picks one card at the end of the draw. The account owner of that card wins the NFT, which is in fact an invitation to participate in the Peach Games.

(No limit on the number of cards sold).

In addition, users who complete the digital cards collection the fastest win the Royal NFT: a utility token to earn Peach coins, necessary to invest on projects, purchase merchandising and vote on the show directions.

Each card is in fact Peach Coins. The more cards users stack the more coins they get.

With a currency created through cards, Peach Farmer directly awards the community’s actions and encourages the currency to circulate through the consumption of Peach Farmer products, votes, and project support.

In short, Peach Farmer combines the collecting of Pokemon, the Golden Ticket of Charlie and the Chocolate factory and the entertainment of Squid Game in order to demystify the world of Peach Stars as well as making the community part of the creation process.

Who is the Peach Farmer team? 
A team of experienced entrepreneurs in media and sport who see NFT and blockchain as an opportunity to change the face of Media and create wealth for all.


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CONTACT: Lucie Colin – 079 152 46 93

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