Pixel Companyz Announces Commitment to Pursue Integrated Resort Development in Nagasaki


PIXEL COMPANYZ INC. announced on November 16th that their Japan IR development consortium has made a commitment to pursue the development of an integrated resort in Nagasaki.

Pixel Companyz and members of the consortium have been in continuous communication with Nagasaki prefecture and will continue with preparations to meet the Nagasaki RFP schedule upon its announcement in the near future.

Nagasaki prefecture is one of the few local governments in Japan that have officially moved forward with integrated resort development and has strong political and economic support from the other prefectures of the Kyushu region.

Pixel Companyz CEO Hiroaki Yoshida states that, “Nagasaki is the optimal site for an integrated resort in Japan. Sasebo city, where the development site is located, is a beautiful seaport city rich in history and international culture. The prefecture has seen support for integrated resort development from both the prefectural and municipal councils, and also the private sector in the business communities of the Kyushu region.”

“We see Nagasaki as a great opportunity to create a unique regional resort that suits the strengths of the region and our consortium. We look to create an integrated resort that will promote regional tourism and businesses, will revitalize the local community and bring out the best of local and international culture.”

Previously announced as partners of the consortium: TTL Resorts, major French casino operator Groupe Partouche SA, renowned architect Paul Steelman (Steelman Partners) and leading gaming finance analyst Alidad Tash (2NT8).

The consortium will continue to add domestic and international partners to work with the aforementioned gaming industry experts, which along with Pixel Companyz’ experience in business and development in Japan, will form a well-accomplished team for realizing an integrated resort in Nagasaki.