Orum and MX Enable Real-Time Money Movement and End-to-End Payment Solutions for Fintechs


Orum, an intelligent all-in-one payments platform, today announced a strategic partnership with MX, a leader in Open Finance, to deliver secure end-to-end payments flow and intelligent, real-time money movement for fintechs. Orum’s unified money movement application programming interface (API) and MX’s instant account verification (IAV) and balance check capabilities enable instant payments in any direction, any time.

“More than ever, fintechs and verticalized payments companies are looking for innovative solutions that automate and simplify money movement, from unlocking instant and risk-mitigated on and off ramps, to optimizing the customer experience through instant availability of funds and payouts,” said Rouzbeh Rotabi, Chief Revenue Officer at Orum. “By partnering with MX, Orum is further enhancing the ability to offer the best experience for developers who value simplicity and security, and end-customers who want instant funds availability.”

Orum and MX’s partnership will facilitate fintechs’ ability to seamlessly implement innovative money movement and payments functionality within their applications. Orum’s unified money movement API uses proprietary payments intelligence to manage risk and orchestrate complex, multi-rail transfers, while MX’s IAV and balance check capabilities make it easy to verify and aggregate consumers’ financial information fast and securely.

“Orum offers fintech and financial institutions access to smarter, simpler, and faster payments,” said Raymond den Hond, Executive Vice President, Channel Partnerships, MX. “MX and Orum’s shared commitment to enabling best-in-class financial experiences and outcomes through cutting-edge platforms makes this a natural partnership. We are excited to grow and expand our capabilities together to meet the most pressing needs of fintechs and payments companies.”